Rethinking the Text

I have loved the idea of texting since I first tried it. It’s a convenient way for me to communicate messages, send pictures, or share videos and websites. Best of all, I can do all of these things without actually having to call someone!

Don't Call Me

Ah, text. Beautiful magical text….but its usefulness was rather limited to my avoidance of actually having to open my mouth to communicate. My phone has about 20 other apps that I actually use to simplify my life. I have my calendar to keep up with my doctor appointments, an alarm to notify me when to take medication, Pinterest to find healthy recipes and exercises, and Google or YouTube for everything else.

Phone Apps

So now I find out that a text can do all of these things too?!?!


Appointment Reminders

Doctor Connect is an SMS and email service that allows physicians to not only send appointment reminders, but to also send messages to patients who have missed an appointment. Patients can respond to confirm or reschedule the appointment in order to improve continuity of care. It also offers other features such as payment reminders, lab results sent to patients (while maintaining HIPAA compliance), and can also be used in chiropractic and veterinary offices.

Medication Reminders

MyMedSchedule offers patients a convenient way to track when the next dose of medication should be taken. More than just an alarm, MyMedSchedule allows patients to log onto a website and print their medication schedules to take to their appointments, allows patients to set goals and track their health, and even receive refill reminders BEFORE the medication runs out! This is an especially attractive feature for older patients who may not remember to take their medication very well or patients who take multiple medications during the day.

Healthy Lifestyles

HealthPartners will text weekly eating tips, ideas to support family health, or assistance for people who want to quit smoking. HealthTxts offers several health-related text programs including anger management, general motivation, diet, diabetes information, and stress reduction.

Now when I look at my phone, I don’t see a media device for watching YouTube or checking the latest Facebook update. I see an important health tool. One that can provide information to those with no access to care. One that can simplify my life and improve my health…And what is the biggest advantage of these text campaigns? I don’t have to look for the information myself–they send it to me automatically!


6 thoughts on “Rethinking the Text

  1. Great post. I am constantly amazed by all the ways cell phones can be used – and text messages as more than just text messages? Awesome.
    I especially like the MyMedSchedule idea.

  2. Agree with Catherine – great post. Like both of you, I am amazed at all that my mobile device (it’s so seldom used by me in “phone mode”) can do. I wonder when the developers realized what they had invented; I think is one of those things that developed over time.

  3. Holly well narrated post !! As smart phones continue to evolve, it is more than just communication and entertainment devices. It is a mobile command center of our lives. Appointments, schedules, flight check-ins, cameras, personal notepads, maps, directions, taxi services, universal remote control for all other electronic devices and many many more are done via smartphone. Truly a personal assistant. More interestingly, it can be a hub for personal health data such as medication reminders, nutrition trackers, and e-consult with your primary physician.

  4. Love this post. I definitely think that these platforms are what will expand health even more. I love your picture from someecards as it is definitely humorous yet highlights that texting is another way to stay connected.

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