Overwhelmed yet?

I used to get overwhelmed going to the library.  So many books. And magazines. And videos.

But it was organized. Everything had a place.

Not so social media. There’s blogs, the mini-blogs, then twittering, and facebooking.  Then more micro blogging and now text tools.

The world is moving quickly. 

Its hard to catch up.

For the relatively casual user of social media, stick with facebook, maybe pinterest. 

If you are past the basics, consider the other tools available.  For instance, crowdmapping might be a great tool for someone looking for a protest or other gathering of folks with like-minded views.  If the organizers have created a map, it might be possible to use the tool for finding local activities in a subject of interest.

I’m not convinced there is a lot of value to the average user. Of course, didn’t they say the same thing about Facebook?



2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed yet?

  1. This post leaves me wondering, what would you recommend for public health professionals who may also be overwhelmed? Are there any resources or tips that you might offer, given everything that you are examining?

    • The main thing I will be keeping going forward recalls what we have heard many times over the past 5 weeks:be selective and disciplined. Pick those tools that fit your mission best, check them once per day and avoid the temptation to be drawn away. Also, like with your portfolio review the choice of tools periodically.

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