Pinerest: Not “JUST” for Crafters

 I lost an entire winter break on Pinterest one year. I had a built-in-cabinet project on my mind for my bathroom and was obsessed about finding as many do it yourself (DIY) links as I could that would work for the space I had in mind. I went through pages and pages of pins, re-pinning ideas to my various boards. I often got distracted by another topic and would start a new board. Pretty soon, winter break was over, my kids were sadly neglected, and I was left with a myriad of boards and pins and I abandoned Pinterest like so many other DIY projects I started.  

During that obsessed period of pinning, it never occurred to me that Pinterest could be useful for more than craft projects, DIY projects, recipes, and teaching ideas. There is so much more to Pinterest than craft projects. Pinterest can be used for marketing a product, for tracking trends, as well as incorporating new ideas on an old theme. After performing a few public health searches on Pinterest, I began to wonder why I hadn’t done it before.  

Here are a few lessons I’ve learned from the winter break I lost to Pinterest:  

1)  Don’t set very broad boards. If you have a board name that is too broad you end up pinning everything on that board. Too many items on a board makes it harder to search, you may want to break it down if your boards get too crowded.

2)  Pictures make searching for things easy. That is one of the powerful things about Pinterest. You categorize things, and your pins are these blocks of pictures and colors. Rather than looking for specific words, you see the picture of the topic you’re interest in.

3)  Put a little thought in the organization of your boards. If you plan to use Pinterest as a way to “bookmark” ideas, topics, images, etc, for your own personal interest or for supporting a blog you’re writing you’ll want to be able to find it again easily. Think about what you call your boards so that the reflect what you want them to so that when you return weeks later, you’re not frustrated trying to find where you pinned that recipe…is it on my “Baking” board, “Bread” board, or “Side Dishes” board?

Although I ended with an example that is a recipe, remember Pinterest has so much more information than crafting/home-making ideas. It is a great resource to explore for charts and graphs with links to the sources so that you can dig a little further if you need.


One thought on “Pinerest: Not “JUST” for Crafters

  1. I started with Pinterest when I was planning my wedding a few years ago. It seemed indispensable at the time for scrapbooking all the ideas thrown at me. Now it’s a great image search engine for me. Your tips are helpful as I never really thought about the boards I create!

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