HAHAHA or Oh NO you didn’t!! : Humor and Public Health

There are many ways to be able to post a public health message, we can go for the classic display of tragedy and misery that goes along well with the mission of your organization, let’s say something similar to Sarah Machlaclan’s PSA on animal cruelty and adoption. You can also post something inspiring with a real succinct message that can convey a lot by just showing sometime simple and easy to understand, for example:


Other type of very useful posts are the ones thanking people that support the organization, which are valid and encouraging, because human nature likes approval and to be appreciated so kudos for the “thumbs up” posts either by still photos or a short video:


Thanks šŸ˜‰


Short Video showing trajectory and appreciation

But today I wanted to talk one of the most important tools in communication and that is HUMOR!. There is a very fine line between tasteful humor and just offensive non sense. Public health carries in itself a lot of touchy subjects, nobody wants to read jokes about child suffering, domestic violence, abuse, morbidity or racism. To avoid falling into the OH NO YOU DIDN’T just post that offensive comment, video or photo then you have to be aware of the audience you are trying to reach, you need to be able to think the joke through and determine how appropriate it is to post such blazing post of humorous awareness of a certain subject and then be able to attract the HAHAHA moments that would make your social media easier to connect to.

Also, humor can be tasteful without being blatantly in your face but none of us have the same type of humor. Raise your hands all of you who are offended by “Cards Against Humanity” and raise your hand those who just crack up from being inappropriate. It is difficult to find a balance but I am sure a skillful tasteful smart person can have a great sense of comedic timing when public health issues are discussed, or so I hope.

You have the power to determine how far can you go and how smartly funny you can be. But as a lesson, humor goes a long way, it helps you connect to your audience and allows people to have a glimpse of happiness through the midst of really depressing statistics and public health posts on the web, so I encourage you and get the “Appropriate Humor for Dummies” (ok, that is not a real thing, but it should be!) or just use your judgement šŸ˜‰ .. Bye! until next week.

Ā A token of HAHA moment right here:


2 thoughts on “HAHAHA or Oh NO you didn’t!! : Humor and Public Health

  1. Humor (like sex) has always been an easy way to get people to pay attention to your message but you are sooooo right; if it is not used appropriately all they will remember is the (inappropriate) humor.

  2. Great post Melissa! Yes humor definitely will grab people attention if done correctly. There is a fine line between funny and inappropriate. That video had me literally LOL in the office. There is one for African Americans too that is just as hilarious.

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