Pinterest for Public Health Images

By typing “public health” as a search term on the Pinterst website ( I was pleasantly surprised with a smorgasbord of wonderful options.

Pinterest PSA 1

The first poster that caught my eye was about common sense preventive medicine. The poster claimed that spending $10/per person in any given community for public health education could save $16billion in approximately 5 years. The poster discussed seat belts, clean water technologies, tobacco cessation, immunizations, and helmets for children.

Pinterest PSA 3 (Exercise)


The second article was perhaps the most beautiful poster my eyes have ever seen: a poster claiming that exercise can stimulate brain activity. Exercise is near and dear to my heart. I believe that claiming exercise has a positive effect on brain activity may motivate people to exercise. If people become motivated to exercise for intellectual reasons or for purely aesthetic reasons, the end result will be a benefit to the individual as well as society as a whole (in the long run if it is done on a repetitive basis). Another positive aspect of the poster was that it had encouraging data for seniors. A 21-year study claims that dancing can fight dementia. I just hope that the same people who had decreased dementia did not also have broken limbs from dance accidents.

Pinterest PSA 2 (Dirty hands)

A third poster I found on pinterest also stoked me: a poster on surfaces that can transmit illness. I have been a longtime advocate of washing hands. This poster highlights several surfaces that I have always tried to minimize touching: gas pumps, escalator rails, ATM buttons, and vending machines. A surface that somewhat surprised me was mailbox handles. However, if you think about it, it makes sense that mailbox handles would be filthy: multiple people constantly touch them. In my neighborhood we have at least two mail carriers who deliver our mail. In addition, my children and I also touch the handle.


Using pinterest is simple. Just acquire a username and password and BAM, you can search for images and pin images that you are impressed by or have an interest in into your boards. Boards are files that you can organize your images in. This probably makes pinterest easier to use after you have pinned over 12 images. Moreover, it makes your pinterest experience a lot more enjoyable if you fill out your profile and activate various notifications. For more information, please see the introduction on


Since I am an amateur photographer and have a strong zeal for certain public health topics, I am sure that I will be using pinterest in the future.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest for Public Health Images

  1. Nice work, I have always thought of Pinterest as primarily a home decorating and cooking type of community so this was helpful to open my horizons. Always interesting to see how others are using common and popular mediums. Have you considered generating content for Pinterest for public health projects you have been involved with? What would it look like to engage around a particular topic or objective?

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