Overcoming Video-posting Anxiety

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I have a slight phobia to video-posting that I have had for years.  It started about 10 years ago, when I was just starting to learn to play the bass guitar. Wanting to make my family proud, I went ahead and posted my video on YouTube so they can see me rock it out. I didn’t know about privacy settings, so my video was free for everyone to see.  A few weeks later, I received notifications on new comments, some of them not very friendly, such as: “You suck!” My confidence came crashing down, and so did my desire to post any videos.

These past few weeks, we were encouraged to step out of our comfort zone, and explore all the possibilities that the web and social media had to offer. I gathered up my courage to overcome this video-posting anxiety, and to my surprise, it was not that difficult to do.

Here are a few of tips for overcoming video-posting anxiety:

1. Use a video recording tool that you are familiar with.

Your personal mobile device is probably the most portable camera you have. The iPhone and iPad work really well for me because they make it easy to transfer videos for editing. These devices are what I already use on a daily basis, so there is no need to learn to use a new device.

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2. Use the video-editing tool that is right for you.

If you use the right video-editing tool, you develop confidence about your work. I remember posting on Facebook of a video of me and my friend on the guitar and ukulele. It was a musical cover, and for some reason, the video would never match the audio. It was awful, and it reinforced my dislike for posting videos. For this course, we used iMovie, which has the following advantages: (1) it’s free, (2) it’s user-friendly, (3) it makes videos appear professional. Making videos has never been easier.

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3. Choose a good video-sharing tool.

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing tool, and it captures a wide audience. Unless you intend to share your video to the rest of the world, use a platform that is less crowded. Vimeo is a great video-sharing tool. The free version takes a little bit longer to download, but the video quality is better than YouTube. For sharing, it also allows access to your videos without the hassle of watching a 30-second advertisement.

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Here is a sample of a video I worked on this week.



5 thoughts on “Overcoming Video-posting Anxiety

  1. Good post. Wow….I’m feeling so nostalgic. Go UC Davis Aggies!! I really do miss that campus where I spent 3 years of research. Thank you Marie for sharing tips for overcoming video-posting anxiety. Personally, I have a thick skin in posting my singing ability. Some people will comment that I sounded like Jason Mraz or John Legend because they don’t really know me. Ninety percent will comment “Don’t quit your daytime job” because they knew that I’m just lip-synching. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for sharing and continuing to step outside your comfort zone! You bring up an interesting issue of intentional negative or provactive internet users (troll)s that can overtake comments sharing negative posts, often baseless in nature too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)

    It’s not an easy thing to handle though and will shake any of our confidences levels. I think a few parts of a strategy to handle it, is to know that it likely will happen at some-point and that 1 person’s opinion is not definitive. Further, more technical things can help to discourage it too, such as controlling how comments are shared, requiring people to identify who they are when they leave comments, and the ability to remove nasty or offensive things at your discretion. Having a community of supporters/followers will also help to rebuff things too, not that you want to avoid a healthy and honest dialogue though.

    Anyways, hope this is helpful and I would echo Renne’s comments too… nice work this week and thanks again for sharing!

  3. I share that anxiety with you Marie! (any hint of perfectionism there?)…Posting seems so…final! and so PUBLIC! I’ll try your tips, and I think learning about privacy settings helps too!

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