A Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Top Five Ways Instagram will help you launch your Public Health Campaign


So you’ve stumbled on this page and ask, WHAT is this enigma called Instagram?

Instagram is what it sounds like, its a Insta gram or insta photo of something a user captures to share with other users. It’s a power tool these days and has gained even more power after Facebook creators acquired this application. Pictures can help your social media campaign because they can incite emotions without really suggesting them. What does this mean? If you are not familiar with what Ad’s have been doing for ages, let me get you in on the secret. Its called: Subliminal messaging or Subliminal Advertising. Basically what that means is conveying a message below the conscious perception threshold to evoke a response without bringing into it in YOUR conscious awareness. You can think of this as brain washing or you can think of this as your mother hinting and nagging at something good for you; either way, its a type of psychological application that you can use through pictures to get your public health message out.

So, now that we know the secret, what are the Top Five way Instagram will help you?

  • (Not in Ascending or Descending Order so YOU Choose What’s on Top and What’s on the Bottom)

Let’s take a picture journey:

1.) It can evoke an emotion

Take a look at the picture below.

What did this image do to you? If you’re from the 90’s generation, it probably made you burst out in song with the following intro: Oh, my god Becky, look at her BUTT!!!

Many psychological studies by Psychologist Paul Ekman showed that there are six basic emotions that people of all cultures experience and recognize (happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, and disgust). “How and when we express these emotions differs radically by the norms of each of our cultures, the so-called display rules”. These display rules are something we all relate to and these rules help shape our social context. Although the above picture does not portray one of those 6 emotions, we can use the concept of pictures to evoke emotions to make a population address their social problems WITHIN their context. Instagram is all about pictures and pictures evokes emotions so you can’t deny it!

2.) Pictures Inspire Conversation and Discussion

What does the following picture make you question?

If you got the same response as me, it makes you question the vast disparities within our culture. In one frame you see a happy couple posing who seem fairly well off (the man has a suit and the woman has some fancy pumps). In the other frame you see a homeless man with all his possessions within his cart right alongside of this happy couple. Using pictures helps you inspire debate and helps get individuals emotionally involved in a social campaign. If you can convey a whole message with a picture, you can capture people’s attention so much faster in this busy technological word. After all, most resume writers advise you to create a resume that can stand out within 10 seconds of viewing so this goes the same for pictures. Post pictures that convey POWERFUL messages in a QUICK fashion.

3.) Get in with the “In” Crowd through Tagging

Whoa Whoa Whoa, does this mean I’m going to get jailed for graffiti? What are you asking me to do?

Take a look at these snaps:


TAGGING! It helps hashtag your way into what people ARE into and what people are NOT into. Tagging photos and marking them with popular viral topics/catch phrases help you appeal to your target niche. Targeting your niche gets the word out and helps get you follows to your cause. It gets you IN with your crowd and gets you the chance to be Prom Queen. Err… ok, not the appropriate blog, back to health campaigns!

4.) It taps into a Whole Lotta People in One Area

Where else can you access ONE HUNDRED MILLION ACTIVE USERS? Instagram! And this all with images that requires no consultation with Websters or Merriams (If you didn’t get the reference this is reference to Webster’s Dictionary and Merriam’s Thesaurus and my attempt at a bad err good joke).

You have the world in your hands and if you have a story to tell, why not tell it to those who are already active and participating? Instagram gives you the social feel without all the jargon. It INFLUENCES people and get’s them to do things they would have never considered before. It also helps you spread salient images and issues with a click of a button and helps you get people to show their support through the LIKE feature. If users like your campaign, than they will like YOU and that’s what you need to push your public health campaign.

5.) Last but Not Least- You Don’t Need a Fancy Shmancy Camera and These Days Everyone Has a Chance to be Professional Photographer

Okay, Okay, everyone can do it, but everyone may not be good at it. REGARDLESS, Instagram helps YOU explore and see where your strengths are on a budget. I mean if it’s free, you’ll take five.. right? So if exploring and posting images is open to you, than WHY wouldn’t you use it to spread the word? Take a look at these two shots. One is of a non licensed photographer and one is of a “professional”. Can you tell which is which?


So, could you tell? Well the photo on the left is by a non-professional photographer aka my 15 year old budding nephew and the one on the right is a professional shot of the individuals who shoot for T.V. shows. The point is, YOU can do it and its EASY. This day and age you have access to so many tools and professionals that will help you capture moments you find important in order to turn them into messages. Instagram is easy, its free, and it can be learned in one afternoon. You can’t say that with many things these days, so take advantage!

So now as I exit and do the following:

Did I help make your Public Health Campaign Insta-gram-able?????


4 thoughts on “A Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Top Five Ways Instagram will help you launch your Public Health Campaign

  1. Persuasive post!! You have made a simple yet convincing case about role of Instagram in Public health. Liked your statement, evokes emotions, generates conversation/discussion.

  2. Wow, that picture you posted in point #2 is really powerful. Everything from the couple in suit-and-dress, to the homeless man lying face-down (I think) with the shopping cart, to the Marshall’s bag in the foreground. And here I thought Instagram was mainly a dumping ground for selfies. 😉

  3. Great post! That second post got to me as well…subliminal messaging is truly a powerful tool. I have always loved instagram and its one of my favorite tools to use as a way to get my message across. Pictures say everything you need to verbally say in mind.

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