4 Ways to Improve your Facebook Experience:

We all know that Facebook can be a place where you connect to old friends and family who live far away from you. It is also a way to reestablish contact with people that you have long stopped communicating with. Recently, Facebook has been getting a lot of attention for being a forum where people go to brag and exaggerate about their lives, updating the status only when they’re doing.




I find Facebook to be an extremely helpful social media tool in both personal and professional aspects of my life.

Here are 4 tips to getting the most out of having Facebook:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask: When I was living moving back from Chile to California, I wanted to find a job working in reproductive health. I updated my status saying something like: Bay Area Friends, I am moving back to California and looking for a job in reproductive health….anyone have ideas for me? I kid you not, I had about 6 replies by the end of the day, and one of those contacts lead to the job I still have today. I also found my current apartment by asking if anyone knew of vacancies, and one of my PHW204 classmates saw and connected me with her friend who had posted about an open apartment J
  2. Cut what you don’t want to see: If those annoying, exaggerating status updates make you feel bad about yourself, or just bug you, then either eliminate those friends or take them out of your news feed. I like to take people out of newsfeeds, because honestly, sometimes I find those types of updates to be hilarious and I want to look at them when I’m in the mood. I also don’t want to hurt a friend’s feelings by eliminating them completely.
  3. Follow organizations that you like: This will allow you to keep track of what social media campaigns that are most important to their mission, and gives you a new way to interact with them. I find that reading status updates by organizations that I care about, gives me a way to get news related to their goals, in a way that I wouldn’t get by just reading or watching the news. I also stumble upon new interesting organizations by looking at what my friends are following and what organizations I already know have ‘liked’ or follow.
  4. Share what is important to you: If you find an article that you think is important, share it. Explain why it’s important to you in a couple sentences, or even just pick a compelling quote from the article itself. They don’t always have to be serious! I love sharing articles about serious topics that are important to me, but I also think it’s fun to share funny videos and pictures. I love seeing what my friends share.


I know that Facebook can be a time suck where braggers go to boast about their vacations on tropical islands, but it can also be a place to share experiences with friends and learn about new topics in the news. It can be a lovely place to make connections if you know how and go for it. I personally, love to see what my friends are up to and enjoy seeing my newsfeed filled with pictures of their happy weekends and trips. I also appreciate knowing what news topics are important to the different organizations I follow.





2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Improve your Facebook Experience:

  1. Reiley; 4 great points. I am going to add them to my toolbox. “Your friends are liars” makes it obvious that anybody can be someone they are not on the internet. I guess the same goes for nonprofits. Highlights the need to be choosy and cautious about where you spend your time and money.

    • Totally agree, I love the Fastco video too. It brings up an interesting question, when using social media for public health how can we maintain an authentic approach? Producing the positive reports of how a project is having earth shattering impact tends to be pretty routine. Things like FailFaire meetings attempt to respond to that. Maintaining interesting and honest content though is no small challenge.

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