The Promotion of Healthy Living in Facebook




I learned in this class that using social media tools has become an effective way to expand reach, foster engagement and increase access to credible, science-based health messages . There are different tools that are being used for this purpose such as twitter , youtube, facebook …..



Nonprofit health organizations are more active in posting to Facebook than any other health according to a research done at University of Missouri .According to this research health care institutions appear more devoted to integrating social media channels with Facebook than the other types of organizations.

There is an abundance of health organizations and individuals who promote healthy life style in Facebook.


The use of social media channels creates an opportunity to facilitate the flow of health information by virtue of a dynamic and evolving ecology of networks across different social media platforms

Check out this interesting healthy eating facebook page .

Healthy eating



Effectively implementing various social media outlets may further contribute to increasing consumers’ awareness of health-related products and services advertised by health organizations by accelerating the speed of shared information.

In this respect, social networking sites such as Facebook can also serve as cost-effective and efficient advertising means.




Health organizations could incorporate them as part of their promotional strategies. For example, government health agencies might promote services or benefits and improve their credibility as public-serving organizations; pharmaceutical companies could increase awareness of new products and seek to improve attitudes toward their services. By creating positive self-presentations in the social media environment, health organizations can generate good impressions and gain more users’ attention, thereby achieving their promotional goals.


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