You Tube For Health


I have been using YouTube for quite a while now. But all I watched on you tube was:

  • Pakistani dramas
  • Movies
  • How to do videos

Without realizing what a great health resource it can be, on top of all the fun stuff that I’d been watching. This course has opened so many venues for me, which I was totally oblivious to.

I found it somewhat tricky to explore you tube in detail. When I started exploring it, I had the misconception that it will be a piece of cake for me, since I’ve been using it for a while now. But as I dug deeper into it, I realized there is so much to explore in here, than what appears on the surface

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 8.06.26 AM


I was fascinated when I found out that a number of health agencies have their own channels on you tube and they regularly post health related videos. For example, World Health Organization has it’s own channel and health related news and other health videos are posted on the channel regularly. Name any organization like, CDC, NIH, US Department of Health, FDA, Office of Disease prevention and Health Promotion,  and it is on you tube.


In addition to health organizations, there are tons of health related videos by individuals.


work out



Name anything and you will find it on you tube. News about healthcare reforms, communicable diseases, non communicable diseases, mental health, healthy food recipes, workout videos, health campaigns by organizations, entertainment videos, family videos and much more.




Now I know that you tube is not just for entertainment, but it can be a great learning resource for a lot of things and health is one of that long list.



7 thoughts on “You Tube For Health

  1. What a cool post! I explored YouTube this week, but with so many different users, I didn’t find the ones you were able to surface. These are great. Thank you so much for compiling and sharing.

  2. I completely agree on all counts. Youtube had so much more to offer in terms of serious (and health related) content than I ever realized. And it so much harder to use properly than I had imagined. I didn’t find the creating channel function and searching channels function nearly as user friendly as equivalent functions on other sites. I also get to a youtube video by searching for something on google, and Ii was pretty surprised that youtube is considered the second largest search engine.

  3. Hmmm, I did not know that YouTube had channels for CDC, NIH, and other health related agencies. Thanks for the tip. I may watch a CDC sponsored PSA instead of the beginning of a documentary.

  4. Fauzia,
    Thanks for sharing these youtube channels and resources. I agree that you tube is a great learning resource for all different topics. I used to download you tube videos of the “atom song” and other animations that helped explain scientific concepts with examples.

  5. Yes, there is so much to explore on YouTube! Among all of the channels that you visited, which ones should public health professionals look to as an example of great practices?

  6. Hi Caricia, Thanks for your response to my blog. I explored a number of health organizations on you tube like WHO, US Department of Health, NIH, FDA etc and I specifically noticed that all of them are following the best practices of using you tube. Like their avatar , selection of their videos and especially all of them are following their mission in the content of videos that are posted on their channels. All of them have a large number of subscribers. Personally I liked CDC channel the most. Their channel compliments their website. They have posted interesting videos on their channel which easily catch the viewer’s eyes. There is a lot of interesting information available on their channel, which I think is more handy than exploring elsewhere.

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