“Let’s Move” with Social Media Sites

As I was looking at the use of you tube channels and Pinterest this week, I also learned that our First Lady Michelle Obama has used different social media sites for her “Let’s Move” campaign to promote healthy food recipes, new summer activities for kids and parents to get them moving which will help eliminate obesity and “create healthier generations of kids in America”. Let’s Move campaign has been a success due to the use social media by providing helping nutrition information for parents to make better food choices for their children. This campaign has also helped spread better ideas to grow and access healthy affordable foods and increased awareness about making healthier food choices.

Let’s Move Social Marketing campaign has been very effective because of its use of different the social media sites/tools that are constantly engaging and interacting more people everyday.

  1. Let’s Move Official Website: I really like the official website because it is kid friendly, easy to navigate and has colorful eye catching tabs. This website is a great resource with a lot of information about America’s leading child nutritional issue- obesity, it also gives dietary guidelines for Americans and how to eat healthy on a budget. All this information is in simple words to make sense to most of our American population.. The “Take Action” tab will take us to the five simple steps to success for parents, schools, chefs, community leaders, elected officials, and kids towards building healthier communities.


  1. Let’s Move Twitter Account: Let’s move campaign is also active on twitter where it adds pictures of events such as #kidsStateDinner and uses hashtags like #CookAtHome. Followers retweet the links to those recipes and add their own recipes that are healthy and affordable. This twitter account also has replies and retweets from Food Network and Partnership for Healthy America (PHA), which shows the support and collaboration of different organizations working towards a healthy America.                             twitterlm
  1. Facebook: This campaign also has a facebook pages with 1413000 likes and it is moderated by White House and it has a disclaimer that post and messages on this page will be archived and subject to Presidential records act. I really like the pictures on this facebook page which showed Michelle Obama cooking with kids, eating lunch with them in the school cafeteria or playing tug of war in the school yard. All these pictures are motivational and send out a strong message of First Lady’s constant involvement in the campaign.                                      Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 11.44.49 PM.png

4.      Pinterest: Partnership for Healthy America has partnered with Pinterest AND Food Network to share easy and healthy recipes that meet the nutritional guidelines of USDA. “This partnership takes the guess work out of finding healthier recipes and gives parents the information and the tools they need to make healthy choices for their families every day.”-Michelle Obama

 pinterestlm            Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 12.04.20 AM.png

5.      You tube: Lastly, Let’s Move You tube channel features videos of “Annual White House Kitchen Garden Planting”, “White House Easter Egg Roll” and “Judging of the 2014 Healthy Lunch Time Challenge” where you can see Michelle Obama judging cooking competitions, planting vegetables with children in the White House Kitchen garden etc.


As Michelle Obama said, “this initiative is about generational change- designed with the goal that, a decade from now, our nation’s children will live in a profoundly different food and physical-fitness culture”. With only four years into its launch, we cannot see the results of this campaign in terms of weight loss and inches trimmed but there is obviously a positive attitude at school cafeterias, restaurants are offering healthy choices for kids and food market is putting nutritional facts upfront.

Here is a funny video of Michelle Obama with Jimmy Fallon and Will Farrel. Enjoy. Ew!!!


3 thoughts on ““Let’s Move” with Social Media Sites

  1. Great post. Interesting to look at one organization’s use of the different social media sites and how they used them slightly differently, playing to the site’s strengths.

  2. I am very happy that you wrote about the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign. I truly hope that her eight years of efforts make a significant dent into the obesity problem in the under 18 demographic. I was not aware of the fact that her campaign was using so much social media. Hurray for “Let’s Move!!!!!!!” If I ever come up with a marketable idea to decrease obesity, I will be using ALL social media platforms to get the word out. Thank you for your blog!

  3. Very nice post Hafsa. Thanks for sharing. I was not aware that the First Lady is using all these social media for her campaign.

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