Why I love (or hate) Twitter

15 minutes this morning in my commuter train from my home to work, I was able to catch up these information on my phone Twitter page

When Teachers romanticize their students’ poverty


Boston Hospitals say they are ready for Ebola Cases


Cheese based research


Everything you need to know on Ebola virus outbreak


Great collections of Talks – Our Brains: Predictably irrational


If it is not for twitter, I probably would not have gathered these information in my current busy life. My adventurous journey in the Twitter world continues to be exciting.

Today, July 30th, 2014 Twitter announced its stock market surged by 29% in the second quarter, yet still a smaller player in social network world.


but it is growing




Global distribution of twitter

percentage of users

Why I love it

Twitter is perfect to catch up all health related news around the world.  The best thing is its accessibility. Easy to share and collect the info.  It helps us to predict the crowd behavior.  (Think of 2013 revolutionary political movement in Egypt).  It is great tool for self-promotion, especially for entrepreneurs to market themselves.  It is also good for supporting a cause that one believe in.

Why I hate it

I worry that I may get addicted to it because I am focusing  on everyone’s life but neglecting my own.(it may be too late in my case)  At times, I have to question my productivity.  The employers may have to worry.  It may be a recipe for personal and career trouble.  It can be tempting to trash talk. (Remember Charlie Sheen’s twitter bashing). When you see tweets like, “my cat is sick” or I am going to Starbucks for a latte” or “I am bored today”, which has no value and absolutely worthless to follow. Then again, when I spoke to a twitter fan, he says, “it is a personal insight”.

You are what you say and who you follow. Twitter is a powerful tool in public health advocacy if used effectively.




4 thoughts on “Why I love (or hate) Twitter

  1. Great post, and I agree with the sentiment. My problem is that I am reading all these hundreds of little factoids from my twitter feed, but as there are so many I seem to remember none of them! If I read a big juicy article on the NYT or BBC, however, I always remember it.

  2. I am still adjusting…. I feel like there is just too much out there to go through. I think it can be addictive to some but I think if you reduce the amount of people you follow on twitter that might make it more manageable.

  3. Narayana,
    You are right on about the love hate relationship of social media but I do think that twitter has more advantages if you are following the right kind of news which is working in your case so I am pretty sure you are not wasting your time and are gathering more informational in a relaxed and informal way.

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