This week we are exploring other forms of multimedia applications under the social media umbrella.  I am a huge fan of Instagram personally because I am a visual person and you know what they say…a picture is worth a thousand words.  I mean think about it, instead of typing/writing/texting how you feel to the world a simple image would sum it all for you.  For example being in graduate school and working full time I have become very fond of meme’s.  A meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet user (Wikipedia definition).  Some of my personal favorites to sum up how I have been feeling at times during the course of our program….


Some other elements of Instagram that I find appealing are the pictures associated with a hashtag.  For example I looked at the images associated with #publichealth and found some really great images that spoke to me…

Personal IG

The first image to the left… #LOVE I mean anyone who is an epidemiologist is pretty much a rock star! Image below truly is a simple way of summing up public health in my mind.  With the current Ebola crisis going on the image to the far right is a great way of showing visually how you could be experiencing symptoms.  This catches someones attention way quicker than just wording.  Lastly… I was craving fries but considering what I would have to do to get rid of it…. I’m going to pass the drive through.

So this brings me to wonder how much is instagram being utilized by public health organizations? I simply typed in Public Health in the search section and was pleasantly surprised!



There are many organizations utilizing this tool for outreach purposes! Some images maybe informative and some just for fun but it is still a great way to get to your target group with a visual stimulation. 


Even our very own University of California Berkeley School of Public Health has an account!


Cal MPH Graduates IG

#jealous #decemberhurryup #cantwaittograduate

All in all this tool is a great way to stay connected personally and professionally.  Public health organizations have so many opportunities to reach people through many different ways but I hope that tools like Instagram, vimeo, and youtube will be utilized more to make an impact that will visually move people into action.  That graduation photo just gave me a little more umph to keep going and finish my MPH #gradschoolflow.


4 thoughts on “#GradSchoolFlow

  1. Hi Sara – love the post! I just had to tell you the story of career day in my son’s 1st grade classroom. First I talked about being a scientist, and then one of the other mothers who is an epidemiologist talked to the sea of little faces. We thought we were both doing a great job at showing the children how women can have cool, interesting jobs in science etc. Then the final Dad came into the room and told them all about his career as a fighter pilot! Totally blew us out the water. 🙂 After reading this, my friend should just have called herself a badass lifesaver!

  2. Sara,
    This is awesome! I never knew there were so many PH organizations on instagram I am definitely going to check those out. I am a big fan of meme’s especially the grad school ones. I think from now on we should end our posts with #decemberhurryup!

  3. Hi Rachel! Yes she should have just gotten the shirt and wore it to the career day 🙂 Kristie thanks! Those are some of my favorites. I tend to go on during lunch to see if there are any that will get a nice LOL out of me during my break. Shannon you are so right #decemberhurryup indeed!

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