Twitter Me Softly

Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to post anything under 140 characters in lenght. During the last five years its growth has become exponential and it is worth recognizing the huge immediate impact it has on its users. The information is shown instantly and updates can occur in real time. Twitter also allows to post links to other websites, photos or videos that makes a post much more interesting.
Even though microblogging through twitter can be an extremly personal experience, and I mean you can post whatever your heart desires since it can be personal but certainly not private.. this I define, as the perfect app for oversharers!. Anyhow, it can also serve as a platform to provide the world with top notch, last minute news and updates from your organization.
I thought I was the only one.. YAY for Nutella!

I thought I was the only one.. YAY for Nutella!

What is a hashtags? Well #thisisahashtags, terms that are written after “#” sign are called Hashtags. I think besides the mobile capability and reach of twitter, hashtags have become revolutionary. A hashtag term links all of the same hashtags into one so you can see which terms are most talked about, you can create a brand by promoting a hashtag and you can also create a trend.

Follow this tutorial to be a Hashtag Ninja

Follow this tutorial to be a Hashtag Ninja

So let’s list the three most important uses of twitter in public health:

1. Campaigning and fundraising: this is where hashtags become brilliant! nothing says “I fight against mental illlness stigma” than #breakthestigma. This way you are campaigning for the cause you are passionate about. And if you search by the hashtags you will be able to network with all of those that are like minded for the same cause. You could also promote a cause and ask for donations by using hashtags as well, #donate #donatesandy, many hashtags can provide information about the cause and where to donate to the cause.
Oh "Scenes from Rehab" Isn't that the truth!

Oh “Scenes from Rehab” Isn’t that the truth!

2. Statistics and Data: In public health data about the topics you are interested in is very important. One way would be to create a big data database in which we measure and track how many people are mentioning a certain word or topic. Like Paul and Dredze mentioned in their article You are what you tweet: you can track how many people are complaining about having the flu at a certain time.
3. Linking: when you write something that grabs people attention but you want them to be more informed on the subject, you post an attention grabbing headline and add a link to the full blog post, newsletter or article of your choice. This will not only allow the user to have more information but at the same time it will provide more visibility to your non profits website and or blog. Two birds.. One stone!
Ok, you got me, I want to know if I am dying!

Ok, you got me, seems reasonable to know if I am dying!

Now many Uses can come from the twitter mania, but use it wisely, not everything can be venting about how your food tastes bad, how amazing ws harry in his last one direction concert or the terrible fashion choices of movie stars. You can also do go, promote and provide awareness, fight for a cause, network and put the word out. Don’t go crazy, twitter softly and go to the world you little birds!


5 thoughts on “Twitter Me Softly

  1. I love the title Melissa! I also like how you broke down the usage of twitter for public health elements. Honestly that would be the only reason why I would use twitter. I think its a great way to reach your target population in this social media era.

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