Its just me against the twittersphere – One woman’s rant & solution


Browsing twitter, some of my favorite feeds are from large nation-wide or multi-national organizations. And its no wonder, they no doubt have a team of marketing staff who spend all day everyday thinking about how they can more effectively engage their audience, and they do a great job of it. And I’m thinking wow, this is great – I can’t wait to use Twitter and engage my audience in such a thoughtful and timely manner. . . . .

Enter, reality. I’m one person starting a nonprofit from scratch with no team of marketing experts – heck, not even any marketing training or know-how to speak of (except for this course right now, thank you OOMPH!) and I’m feeling completely overwhelmed by the mediocrity of my Twitter feed. Anyone else with me on this?

Twitter feels so expansive (at times like a black hole) and its hard not to be overwhelmed by the possibilities and the #FOMO (fear of missing out). Most of the time I think of posting something I say ok, I’ll do that when I get home, when I’m in front of my computer, when I have some time to do it right. Wrong! Usually that just means I never send it out. Yes yes, there’s also some (ok alot) of perfectionist tendencies getting in the way there, but what I’m realizing now is that I was going about it all wrong. I was allowing the expansiveness of Twitter to overwhelm me rather than embracing it with a child-like curiosity and problem solving attitude.

Yes Twitter is overwhelming, but there are apps for that. Don’t have your computer in front of you, no problem – use your phone – use Buffer to que up a bunch of posts – get a report from Tweriod on which time of day you should be posting – schedule automated send outs of posts. These simple tools have revolutionized the way I see social media. It no longer feels like a crushing weight but like a tool – like something that I can control – even just as one person with no marketing know-how. And if these two tools could change the way I see Twitter, what other tools are out there for social media that I’m not utilizing to my benefit?

Moral of the story . . . no more sticking my head in the sand. Social media is an incredible tool and with not much effort I can find incredibly effective ways to manage it and scale it down to whatever size I’m comfortable working with. So come check me out and lets support each other in the ever expanding galaxy that is Twitter:) @HPVHope


6 thoughts on “Its just me against the twittersphere – One woman’s rant & solution

  1. Yes, I am with you in terms of how overwhelmed I feel in regards to my twitter comments. I only opened an account because of this class. In some ways, I feel like they do not matter. I guess I should try harder.

  2. Impressive Twitter feed and website. I thought perfectionism and self-editing were not allowed on social media, especially Twitter. I recall Shirky’s “publish then filter”.

  3. Boy, but it is overwhelming, right? I get even more intimidated in knowing that I’m SUCH a late adopter that there are teams of marketing folks, social media experts, twitter gurus, and more. I will say, though, that one of the things this class has helped me find is a my voice and what I can bring to social media. Like you, I end on a positive note, inspired by what I can do individually.

    • Thanks Theresa. Love the comment about finding your voice; I agree that is such an important component and hero’s to reduce the anxiety of engaging with social media. You have my support in this twitter adventure!

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