The Power of the #Hashtag- How to use Twitter Microblogging to Promote Health


If you’re new to social media and the plethora of media options, you might’ve missed the hashtag takeover.

What is a hashtag and how has it taken over social media and how we promote health? Here’s a brief video about the hashtag before I break it down for you:

First lets break down what exactly is a hashtag or the symbol (#). A hashtag makes any word or phrase into a searchable link. It’s inception was from the social media site Twitter and has now spread into other social outlets such as Facebook and youtube. It allows users to designate and “tag” phrases that they feel pertinent to their message. By tagging or hashtagging a phrase or word, users can organize content and track discussions across many users. It enables a message to be spread with keywords and can make a profound effect using real time. It has been informally said that they spread of a hashtag via Twitter is more powerful these days than the daily news on TV and with that, you can probably find the latest breaking social news spreading like wildfire. This was evident by some social news like that of the incident between the rapper Jay Z and singer Beyoncee Knowles’s sister fighting in an elevator. Jay Z & Solange’s Elevator Fight

Here’s a parody off the popular hashtagged event that will get you to see how popular one hashtag can go…

The ability for news, like that of the elevator fight, enables the transmission of many genres of information and empowers health organizations to gain followers to promote their health cause or message.

So now that you know are semi-familiar with a hashtag, how can you microblog to promote health?

The concept of microblogging is just what the word means; making a blog micro. Microblogging takes the traditional action of blogging and enabling users to exchange small elements of content using short sentences, images, or video links. This enables users to spread information quickly and Twitters platform is perfect for this. Twitter has a word limit for posts and micro blogging is absolutely necessary to pack a punch. In order to promote health and health related items, users must realize the power of the hashtag to create a bandwagon following. Creating funny or striking tag lines allows your hashtag to be spread and can help create a viral effect to your message.

So lets go back to the hashtag business. How can you combine the power of the hashtags and Twitter to microblog health? To use a hashtag, do the following:

1.) Use the hashtag (#) before any relevant phrase or keyword in your “Tweet” or micro blog message. These hashtags help categorize your tweets to make them more easily accessible when searched by users.

2.) Click on hashtagged words by other users to see what messages have gone viral. By researching various tag lines, health promoters can use pre-existing success to spread their messages.

3.) Hashtags can happen during any part of your Tweet (in the beginning, middle, or end). Hashtags words that become popular are often in the trending topics section and can help you promote your message to thousands of healthcare affiliated people.

4.) Use tweet adder to automatize your postings. This tool helps you retweet other bloggers throughout the day without having to manually type them out. Re-tweeting a message allows you to use another uses hash tag to spread a message or become a part of a discussion. It gives you more exposure to those that are talking about a topic.

5.) Hashtag Media to get people interested and excited about what you’re talking about. Here’s a funny youtube video to get you hashtagging away:

There are many types of resources for Twitter and many flavors to Twitter. Doing a simple google search will start opening the possibilities and will enable you to start promoting health with hashtags.

On a final note, take a look at the following site to get you started on how popular health related hashtags ( Using hashtags that are already fairly popular lets you ride the success of some tags and enables you to market your health topic easier. Sym plur hastags empowering decision-making with real-time access to insights from over a billion healthcare social media data points. Symplur Signals is a web-based platform that invites an unparalleled voyage deep into the analytics of the global Twitter based conversations swirling around the topic of healthcare.




7 thoughts on “The Power of the #Hashtag- How to use Twitter Microblogging to Promote Health

  1. Interesting post! I love the Jimmy Kimmel video! How do you think hashtags will be relevant in the future? I believe they will play a larger role in sorting and categorizing news! Great job!

  2. # hashtag Good Post. # hashtag very informative regarding microblogging to promote health.The last video (Jimmy Fallon and JT) is very hilarious but really emphasized hashtagging which could be both entertaining and irritating. Thank you!!

  3. This is brilliant! I really needed a remedial course on #hashtags, and your post gave me everything I wanted!

  4. Great post. This was really helpful. I have never understood the whole hashtag thing and this explanation was very useful. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for this! I had a vague idea that a hashtag was something more than an annoying saying, but I honestly thought it was mostly a way for a person to stream together words he/she felt made for a good description. I’m new to Twitter, and this really helped me!

  6. this is a great post!!!! i was around when the “inception of the hashtag” came about, but i still reminisce about the good ol’ days when # was called the “pound sign” or “the tic-tac-toe” sign. Very well done. 🙂

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