My Fledgling Twitter


Wow! I can’t believe I actually spent so long on a social website. I am really intrigued by the format.

I have the attention span of Dug from UP! But I can read 140 characters (I looked that up) and concentrate long enough to comprehend the message. I spent hours on Twitter just searching around and reading short snippets of information. For someone like me that is a huge change. I found all sorts of information.

My fledgling Twitter account. I’ve been active for less than 4 hours when I saw this.

 fledgling twitter

Who the hell is following me? And why? I have no idea who this person is. The anti-social in me is wigged out, and I want to know how to delete this person from following me.

 x chromosome

What else did I learn? Girls are hardier then boys from birth to death and the latest, even in the womb. Ever wonder why the likelihood of a baby girl is ever so slightly larger than 50%? The X chromosome sperm even lives longer than the Y. And female embryos can tolerate more stress than male embryos. Unfair, what did we do to be so cursed!?


  school of med

Also in the news, sleep interruptions can be just as dangerous as no sleep. And sleeping in on the weekends leads to confusing your brains natural rhythm leading to greater fatigue.

Damn, I am doing this all wrong.


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