Micro-blogging Gold

Micro-blogging, shortened and limited pieces of information, is becoming an increasing preferred source of media.  Avenues such as twitter are becoming increasingly used.  Even news and press release tweets and other forms of micro-blogs the instant they receive word of news-worth information.  With micro-blogging, the hashtag has become a common occurrence to mark and catalog certain pieces of information into particular categories.  With twitter as the original hashtag user, facebook and other forms of media now use the hashtag as well.  With constant use of hashtags and constant tweets or micro-blogs used everyday, we are receiving a plethora of information.  So how do we truly attract readers?  This is what I call micro-blogging gold…

Interestingly enough, a close friend of mine posted a ted talk regarding orgasms (below for your enjoyment!).  This got me thinking of how this particular post got my attention and I clicked on the link.  The key to garnering viewers and subscribers in the micro-blogging world, is attention-grabbing.  This is what I call micro-blogging gold.  Hashtag’s and initial words have to consist of ideas or phrases that will grab viewer’s attention when them are quickly glancing.  So imagine if you are skimming below…







Which hashtag, and thus post, would you look at?  It’s the one regarding orgasm!  Yes, I know that the rest of the hashtags are the same, but this is just an example.  Attention grabbers are ideal in the micro-blogging world and will become important in the news we view as we filter through the mass amounts of micro-blogs.



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