Meta-Twitter: external apps and sites to best leverage your Twitter account

In the modern social media landscape, non-profits and health organizations can greatly benefit from a Twitter account. However, many of these organizations can struggle with how to effectively use Twitter as a tool for their mission. Certainly, the most important way to maximally benefit from your Twitter account is to consistently generate and share high quality and valuable content. But great Tweets are not enough on their own… you need your target audience to see and engage with your Tweets.

In this blog post I’ll discuss a few tools that can help you get the most bang for your Twitter buck, and track your progress in engaging with your followers.

  • Tweriod

Twitter is a never ending stream of information, and your tweets will only appear near the top of your followers’ streams for a brief window of time… every few seconds they will pushed downstream and supplanted by new, fresh content. Thus, it’s crucial to publish your tweets during high traffic periods of time when your followers are most likely to see them.

But how do you know when is the best time of day to tweet?… Enter “Tweriod” (



Tweriod is a web app that analyzes both your tweets and your follower’s tweets to give you the best times to tweet. The app tracks statistics and generates graphs to demonstrate time periods when your tweets will get the most exposure to your followers. The great thing is that this app is not based on overall usage statistics… it is customized to periods when YOUR followers are most active. Simply sign up, grant Tweriod access to your account, and within a short period of time Tweriod will generate a custom report telling you which time periods to tweet on weekends and weekdays to generate maximal exposure.


  • Buffer

Ok, so you signed up for Tweriod, and now you know that your weekday tweets will get the most exposure between 7-8am EDT, and 8-9pm EDT. The problem is that you live on the West Coast, and have no intention of waking up at 4am to send a Tweet! No problem. Buffer has your back.


Buffer ( is an app that is designed to automatically release Tweets (and other social media updates) at specific pre-programmed times. In other words, you can load up your Buffer queue with a stream of new Tweets, and Buffer will use your Twitter account to post the Tweets at specific times of day that you set in advance.

This is great not only for posting during peak times, but for ensuring that your account consistently posts a few Tweets per day, evenly spaced out, so that you don’t have to remember to keep posting stuff. Conveniently, Buffer can also control your Facebook and LinkedIn posts, and it generates analytics about your top content.


  • Klout

Klout ( is a great tool for measuring the impact and improvement of your social media accounts. Klout uses a complex algorithm (allegedly over 400 inputs) to measure the impact of all your social media pages and assimilate them into one Klout “score” on a scale of 1-100. For example, Klout tracks your number of Twitter followers, the number of times your Tweets are favorited and retweeted, and the follower base of the followers who retweet you. This is all used to ultimately measure how many people end up seeing your content and how many directly engage with it.






To provide some context, Twitter-active celebrities usually have the highest Klout scores (Barack Obama has the highest at 99… Justin Beiber has a 92), thought leaders in specific areas and large organizations often score in the 50s-80s, and individuals who are active with social media often score in the 20s to 40s. Klout can be a great tool to track your social media impact and see how improvements and growth over time affect your total reach.


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10 thoughts on “Meta-Twitter: external apps and sites to best leverage your Twitter account

  1. THANK YOU Zach for this post! I just signed up for both tweriod and buffer and I can tell you already that buffer is going to revolutionize my social media performance. Often time I sit down to work on social media and post lots of things at once then a week later I do the same thing – completely ineffective. Using tweriod I can now find out what are the best times to post and then I can set up a timeline of posts through buffer. I love it because it doesn’t change the amount of time I spend on social media; I’ll probably still sit down once a week and load up a bunch of posts, but now they’ll go out as a more steady stream and hopefully be more useful and engaging to my followers. Thanks!

  2. Wow Zach this is a great post! These tools are super crucial for getting exposure in the twitter world. I like that there are options like this so that you can get the attention of followers in different time zones across the globe. I hope that organizations that are based in the west coast utilize these tools to get to their east coast followers.

  3. WOW! You are speaking a whole new language here! I had no idea such services/apps even existed. Makes sense though, especially since timing is important for viewing. Thanks for the info.

    • I’m with Kirstie and was totally unaware of these services! What an eye-opener — definitely critical for people who aim to make a social media presence. Great post!

  4. Zach, this was very informative. You communicated a great deal of valuable information in a reasonable amount of text. If I ever feel the need to boost my online presence, I will definitely take all of your social media advice. Thank you for the education in leveraging my twitter account.

  5. Fantastic resources – thanks for sharing! It’s amazing how an entire industry has grown up around optimizing social media tools like Twitter. It just goes to show you — it’s not always what you do, but how you do it, that counts.

  6. This is so practical! Excellent. It makes me wonder if there are any public health leaders who are currently using these tools and how they incorporate them into their campaign strategies.

  7. Nicely done Zach. I came across Buffer in my research too but was struggling to know why I’d need it. Now I know!

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