Twitter – World of knowledge and connection

I opened an account in Twitter this week. All I knew about twitter was, twitter is something the celebrities use to make an announcement to world. Instead of calling a media/press conference, you just tweet.  But my views have changed. In going over the twitter site and participating in it, I love it. Instead of sending many messages to one person, in twitter, you send one message to many persons. It is like sending an email to entire company employees. It is a  source of information you can catch up on the issues you are interested in. If done right, it has many benefits.  I also find it as a useful alternative to survey people’s opinions and feedback. I found out I can connect with everyone I know and I don’t know instantly. Surprisingly it is less annoying because of micro-blogging – mini updates or mini requests.

I can seek an expert opinion


 I can have a meaningful discussion without getting overwhelmed or bored.


It not only lets you know what rest of world is doing but also thinking


It can be your personal dairy



I find micro-blogging is more useful than blogging except that you cannot send a lengthy message.  It opens up to everyone and anyone to connect with people and even build a support network.  For spreading a good cause or an interesting information or valuable ideas or wisdom, twitter is ideal as it can reach millions around world.  As a matter of fact, anyone can become popular.

My only concern is, it is kind of good for people with short attention span.





6 thoughts on “Twitter – World of knowledge and connection

  1. Great post! I agree sometimes micro blogging becomes easier to do than blogging. You can even have some sort of substantial back and forth with someone on a certain topic. It also keeps me updated on the world news… everyone should follow BBC news haha

  2. I love this post, and your last sentence made me think about whether I like blogging or microblogging more. I have to say, I think it is taking exploring all forms of social media for me to really become more comfortable using any of them for what they are actually intended for. I had always wanted to blog before this course, but was immensely worried about finding something I’m an expert on. Now I feel really comfortable with what i can contribute as a non expert! It’s rather empowering.

  3. I really like the way you posted your tips in a list format without the “listy” type of stuff you see on the internet. I definitely get a lot of ideas from how you used pictures to list content and am noting that perhaps I need to expand my usage a bit more!

  4. Great post Narayana. I can always sense that this is “you” because of the way you explain and conceptualize your thoughts ( I guess I’ve known you for almost 2 years). Good job!!

  5. “twitter is something the celebrities use to make an announcement to world” – haha! So true. I thought the same thing before I started using it. I love your new perspective and also appreciate the idea of using Twitter as a kind of survey tool for quick opinions and feedback – not something I’ve been using it for but definitely should. Thanks!

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