I Only Have 140 Characters… Make It Count!


I have been avoiding twitter since my best friend (who has a habit of making accounts for me since I am late to the latest and greatest in new technology) made my account back in 2010.  My first tweet was in 2012 and I really wasn’t sure what to say other than….

Forced twitter 6

I found that a majority of users at that time were just giving an update on how they felt or what they were doing and to me that made it no different than facebook which allowed you to do the same thing. So naturally after a few months of using the tool I dismissed it.  I decided to stick to other microblogging tools like instagram and facebook since it allowed me to post pictures (which I know twitter does now…lol) which I prefer to see since I am a visual person rather than reading through all of the tweets posted by my friends.

Fast forward to today….

Forced twitter 3

I am updating my account and finally make a tweet two years later 🙂

Sometimes when looking through my facebook feed I can see twitter status shared by friends organizations or even spoofs be made through buzzfeed using twitter posts and instagram to make a hilarious yet informative post.

forced twitter 7

(wanna see more click link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/leonoraepstein/signs-you-are-a-health-nut-in-a-lazy-persons-body?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=buzzfeed )

So I decided to explore through twitter and examine how organizations have been utilizing twitter and what the “tweet trends” are.

1.) Tweet 4-6 times a day

forced twitter 5

WHO and APHA follow this rule.  Every two hours or so there is a tweet from their account either as an update from a previous tweet or a new topic.  I will say that I do think that is a bit much especially if it is redundant but given the attention span of individuals and the constant tweets from other users to stay in the feed one must post numerous times a day.

2.) Have a clear logo, cover picture, and bio

forced twitter 4

No explanation necessary….

3.) Use hashtags sparingly

No more than one please 🙂  Sometimes people do it to be funny and use all 140 characters with hashtags but as an organization it may look more like spam to your followers so keep it max at two #dontspam #keepitsimple

4.) Re-tweet!!

Forced to use twitter 2

Last but not least share! This is the best feature of twitter.  Breaking news or important facts are tweeted all the time and you can educate your own followers by re-tweeting a tweet from a tweeter 🙂 #yesIdidthatonpurpose #yousmiled #don’tlie

So I will slowly start using twitter especially for sharing factual information in public health and linking it to my other platforms in social media.  Who knew 140 characters would one day be a powerful tool in disseminating information to the world #Igot140tomakeapoint.



5 thoughts on “I Only Have 140 Characters… Make It Count!

  1. Hi Sara. Nice post. I just joined Twitter a couple of days ago and so far I just have 2 followers. Initially, I’m so skeptical on joining but I learned that there are some cool features of the Twitter (it’s TWITTER, not TWEETER as I misspelled it previously) as you mentioned above. Now, I’ll be twitting more often.

  2. Sara, you really caught my attention with that big blue bird. Initially I was overwhelmed with it, but then I scrolled down. You have made me think about twitter in a positive way. Thanks!

  3. Sara,
    Great post and the Blue tweety certainly got my attention. I hope your experience with twitter and tips for Public Health microblogging will help me overcome my fear of twittering.

  4. Sarah,

    Great work! I second your feeling that Twitter is a bit redundant and have never really gotten into it myself. Your post has certainly helped me see how it can be useful!

  5. I love the simplicity of the re-tweet. Unlike others, I am a fan of Twitter. 140 characters? Seriously? I usually am done with what I have to say in less than 100.

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