Who has the time and who are all these people?

I wanted to use my regular “3 top things I learned this week” format but I couldn’t think of three. I have started each week’s activities with the default mindset of social media for personal use and must force myself into the non-profit mode and until Twitter I could finally see the utility. I made an account and can post a Tweet (is anyone listening?), downloaded the app for my phone so I will know instantly when the hospital is holding its next bake sale and have signed up to follow the local health facilities. 

relaxation-391656_150But here’s my problem. Mansfield says the average life of a Tweet is 90 minutes so to be current you need to Tweet 4-6 times per day. You should follow as many Tweeters (or is it Twitterers?) as you have followers and she uses 1000 as an example. I did a little trial and even if I am holding my phone when the notice arrives it takes me about 10 seconds to open the site, find the new post and read it. So if those I follow are lazy and only Tweet 4 times per day, reading (much less responding to) all that information would take just over 11 hours! Every day!!! Who has the time? I can see why the Social Media Director is now a common position for many companies.

people-309097_150My second observation relates to my week-old Facebook page. I started off by sending a friend request to my brother and one co-worker to see how it was done and how to respond but now when I get home from work I have 20-30 friend requests waiting for me. I may know 1 or 2 but I keep wondering “who are all these other people and why do they care about what I am doing?” One of my colleagues explained sometimes it’s a popularity contest to see who has the most friends, sometimes they may know who I am even if I am clueless about them and sometimes people are just plain nosey. So am back to Be Choosy.


11 thoughts on “Who has the time and who are all these people?

  1. Great post, Randall. I am opening my Twitter account this evening. Hm…and regarding FB, choose against friending High School buddies you didn’t remain in touch with over the years. There is a reason why you didn’t and now is not the time to question it. That was my FB lesson when I was on it yrs ago.

  2. Randall, I like your post. Basically, what you said reminds me of why I do not have a Facebook account to begin with: Are any of those people my friends? The people who really want to talk to me call me on the phone or visit me at my home.

  3. Hi Randall, your title of this week’s blog post summarizes it for me. I have a hard time keeping up with email so it’s hard for me to even begin to think of keeping up with the other social media mediums. Although I have accounts with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, I usually only check Facebook while I’m getting ready in the morning, especially after I chose to follow news channels who’s headlines show up on my Newsfeed. That has made it a little more manageable and offers another utility in addition to keeping up with activities of my friends. LinkedIn, I was much more active when I was looking for a job… Now I only check it maybe twice a month.

  4. Nice post Randall. I had only a Facebook account 2 weeks ago, and even that is a joint account with my hubby. Today, I have a 2 more accounts….LinkedIn as well a twitter, and these are not joint accounts;) It’s fun right now to play around with these micro blogs, but would I be able to keep up with it? Would I have enough time for that? Would I have enough energy to follow the people I am following on twitter?

  5. I totally agree with you. Having just dipped my toe into the Twitter waters I am horrified. I am a long-term Facebook user, and unlike others here connected with many old high school friends who I actually did like! But Twitter seems an order of magnitude more intimidating when it comes to the tsunami of content. How on earth does one keep up?

  6. This is a great post, Randall! Twitter has my phone blowing up with alerts (thank you, PH friends, for following boring little ol’ me!) and I’m trying to read all the tweets from the huge organizations I follow… but… it just doesn’t capture my attention long enough for me to want to carve out the time.

    I am a compartmentalist due to my sub(?)-clinical OCD, so I already have many email accounts to check: primary personal, Berkeley, USC, Hawaii. (Currently unemployed, so no work email!). I check FB in the morning similar to Jennifer to check out the news from local news stations, and then out of habit, I check the weather (no real need to check the weather in Hawaii, though, but the habit was born in CT). So to be bogged down with another set of “updates” is kind of a burden!!

    LinkedIn: i never use… i just don’t like putting THAT much personal information out there… it’s hard to get comfortable with that.
    Facebook: I use daily
    Twitter: I use because I have to
    Instagram: I post daily, check maybe TIW

    the awful thing, too, is that all of these alerts are linked to my email addresses, too, so it’s aaaaaall blowing up aaaah 🙂

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