Social Media: Making it work without getting worked over

Social Networking is a fantastic low cost way to reach out to people.  Combining FaceBook and Twitter to share information and attract followers/customers, using Google+ to increase Internet presence, using LinkedIn to recruit talented employees, YouTube can be used to share short videos demonstrating your organization’s greatness, there is so much possibility.  How do you keep it all straight and working in your favor?  There is nothing worse than a FaceBook Page that doesn’t get updated!  People will stop following you on twitter if you don’t tweet.  Why have a YouTube channel if you don’t post videos to it.

Social media can quickly get overwhelming.  There is pressure to post something daily that is witty or profound in 140 characters of less (in the case of twitter).  I find linking different platforms a bit like juggling.  So how do we use it to our benefit and not become consumed by thoughts of what to post next?


I blog with a group called Castro Valley Matters.  Our mission is to engage, inform, promote and advocate for a better Castro Valley.  We know that a key way to do this in an age of smart phones and ubiquitous WIFI is to utilize social media.  We run a webpage to which we post blogs, we tweet those blogs on Twitter, and link them on FaceBook.  We have a system.  Different members write blog posts so that we have new content 3-4 times/month, we aim for once a week.  Weekly we update our FaceBook page with links to our blog as well as upcoming community meetings, we ask engaging questions about our community, and offer friendly reminders and tips.  We do the same on twitter, using twitter as another way to push out or message.  They key is to keep the page alive with content, large and small to keep readers coming back.

Consistency is the key.  Making sure you are constantly reaching out to your audience.  Do it in quick snip-its, interesting pictures, or more in depth blogs.  Getting content out, attracting “LIKES” and “SHARES” are keep to keeping your organization active and relevant.


2 thoughts on “Social Media: Making it work without getting worked over

  1. Thanks for sharing your group! You are so right that a systematic approach is key to increasing contact with your audience via social media. I’m curious– what changes have you seen in the ways or amounts the CV community engages with your group thanks to social media?

  2. Dot,
    I agree that I don’t even remember “liking” or “following” the facebook pages that do not update regularly. I really like how your group has multiple members to constantly upload new blogs and keep the audience hooked by tweeting and facebooking about it.

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