Hush Hush I got a Secret!!

I was watching the News over the weekend and I came upon a segment that talked about social media and this new application called Whisper. They were analyzing why was it so popular and why would anyone uses it. Social Media can reach numerous amount of people and sometimes it can go viral by reaching millions but it all takes patience. It is a process, systematic process of updating, refreshing, commenting, posting and being attentive to your followers. Whisper started as an app where you could post secrets but with time it has become more than that and more uses for it have been found. An anonymous app that can be used in public health by providing some support, resources and many times prevention of bigger issues. Remember, the key for success is patience, everything takes time but eventually with effort it will end up working out.
Whisper is an app where you can share ANONYMOUSLY any secret you want. The app is moderated by several people to be able to delete any dangerous or harmful posts and also to monitor behaviors… isn’t that superb? Analyzing social and human behavior would be one of my top activities with eating oreos and working out. It is in the top of my list! Us humans are both voyeuristic and exhibitionist at the same time, we like to know things that we are not supposed and sometimes be over sharers (hence twitter, instagram and facebook… oh oh! guilty).
This would be Awesome

This would be Awesome

Whisper allows us to be able to express random secrets as well as the darkest ones without fear of judgement or retribution. It is also can be used for the common good! Now we are talking! Fear, guilt, stigma and shame are powerful emotions and can easily dictate most of our actions if we empower them. Whisper provides an outlet for those that feel that they can’t tell their secrets to anyone else, and makes them feel part of a group of people that share their thoughts or feelings.

I feel you Dude, I feel you!

I feel you Dude, I feel you!


At whisper headquarters there are people paid to screen all of the posts and act accordingly if measures need to be taken. For example, a person posting from a place of sadness, depression and melancholy receives a message with information on how to call a hotline for suicide prevention. Also, a lot of people read the secrets and respond with encouraging words. It is a real anonymous support group!! We can totally use an app like this for the common social good! Yes we can, imagine an active duty military member where the tough exterior is much more respected than being vulnerable, sometimes a cry for help in an app so trivial is a first step to find help where you really need it.


:( Not Okay

😦 Not Okay

“Anonymous social media is a growing trend and there are several public health issues that could be addressed using this tactic. Remember that human coalition and human support are always powerful forces!” Said by Me (you can quote me on this one πŸ˜‰ )
Now this is the kind of positive twist I like!

Now this is the kind of positive twist I like!


11 thoughts on “Hush Hush I got a Secret!!

  1. Hmmmmm, does this “whisper” really exist? Okay, I just visited the site.
    I have always wondered about saying too much on the internet. If this site really lets you express yourself without other people judging, I think that is a good thing. Is it really anonymous? If it is anonymous then I think people will be prone to express their inner parts. Ha, wait a second. How can you get help if it is anonymous?

    • Great Question! There are moderators screening every question at Whisper’s headquarters and as soon as they see the red flag they follow up with a message with information let’s say suicide prevention and number for a hotline. If it is a bomb threat, they only know the content of the post and location, so they would contact the police with a location. Besides that, every post is anonymous which makes it freeing and fascinating all at the same time πŸ™‚ Thanks Mojo

  2. Hi Melissa! Great post! I did not know about whisper and it sounds like a great tool to address really difficult issues in public health like depression or suicide. Also love your commentary below the pictures πŸ™‚ Made it fun to read on a serious topic.

  3. Alright, I’ll preface by saying that I think this is REALLY cool. I love it. However, I’m thinking about the reading from Shirky this week where he talks about that teen magazine (YM?) that was having trouble with it’s forums and the ProAna group taking up a home there. I thought he brought up an interesting point about how the forum needed to be moderated in order to keep the content beneficial, but how the organization’s hands were tied because it was that same interference that would deter participation. In a situation like this, it just seems like a place where a lot of potentially harmful things would be posted and you mentioned the filter/remove those things – I just wonder how that impacts participation.

    I feel like a Debby Downer even bringing it up, but I’m curious what you think.



    • Hi Teresa! The things that get deleted are the posts that violate the terms of the app or that could be harmful to somebody else, like pictures of someone else, phone numbers or names. The other thing that they delete are treats, and they report them to the police. The suicidal and mental illness related posts are left for someone to give them support through the chat, also there are any types of posts, like infidelity, I broke my sobriety, How can I potty train my dog?, I am on a diet and I can only think about oreos (same here :s), I am a vegan and just ate beef, I have two boyfriends and they don’t know about each other, I stalk my ex on facebook everyday and it has been 3 years since we broke up.. people then receive a lot of messages that support them most of the time. I tried the app and posted outrageous things to get replies and all I got was advice and support and gladly no bullies. Hopefully bullies stay away. So i would say participation is not compromised… Hope this helps!

  4. This is fantastic! I had never heard of Whisper. Thanks for bringing this up and also talking about the public health possibilities.

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