Twitter and Millennials – A Great Match


Twitter is a relatively new tool for me. I’ve avoided it because I find the constant stream of information overwhelming, but I’m also fascinated at how it engages so many around me. I put together an infographic showing some of the interesting facts I learned this week about Millennials, like myself, and Twitter:

I’ll leave you with this video from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake (love them) about #hashtags. Have a great week everyone!



17 thoughts on “Twitter and Millennials – A Great Match

  1. Love that infographic! And I totally agree, I cannot get enough of #JimmyFallon and #JustinTimberlake. I am curious about other people’s experiences with hashtags. When do you actually use them and are they helpful? Most people I know that use them take it to a whole other level and frankly I get super annoyed when hashtags are over used. I actually find some hashtag use comical and make fun of it sometimes (see above!). I have used them at conferences to connect with people and be a part of an ongoing discussion. I have also used it for news events (like #springsfire a large wildfire in Southern California) to follow real time alerts. What are your experiences?

  2. Infographic gold!!!! #hashtagsforever #crackupeverytimewiththatvideo #takinghashtagstoawholenewlevel And I think the success of microblogging on twitter is definitely the mobile aspect of it

  3. I love that clip. But I have to say that it because of clips like that that I never realized all the serious, important uses of twitter! This week has been eye-opening for me.

  4. Deborah,
    #lovetheinforgraphic and I should post the clip for some people who abuse hashtags but I am pretty sure they still will not get the message.

  5. Amazing info graphic! What did you use to create it? Any tips? #infographicsruletheworld #questlove

    • thanks! I used piktochart ( to make the infographic. It’s free, easy to use, has several free templates (more if you go ‘pro’), embeddable in a website or downloadable (.jpeg or .png), and graphs can even be coordinated via google drive. I learned that less is better, whether that’s information, colors, fonts, or overall layout.

      • OK I’m a moth to a shiny thing (I’m going to admit it) – I got completely side lined by the infographic and immediately checked out Piktochart. I’m in love!!! This is the tool I always wanted. You know every time you’re at work and people are like “we need an infographic, call a millennial” and then they look at you. This is usually where I get sheepish and explain that much like Voldemort drinking unicorn blood, being born in 1983 means that I live a sort of a half life when it comes to technology. Not able to easily surf the waves of new programs, software, or tools. But no longer! Ooooh, I can’t wait to play with this – and my husband thought we were going out to dinner tonight…Thanks Deb!

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