Florecita Likes Dexter

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A couple of years ago, my mom decided to join Facebook. My siblings and I were like, “Yeah! Our mom is so techie!” She got to updating her location, her birthday, adding photos, “friending” her old friends and our relatives. One day, on my Facebook newsfeed, I read “Florecita likes Dexter.” This is my mom, who is a traditional ultra-conservative Catholic. I had to drop everything, call her, and ask her if she meant to like a TV show about a serial killer. She laughed and made it clear that she meant to like the page of my cousin, Dexter.

Facebook is something I can navigate very well. I know I need to be careful not to hit the like button when I scroll down on my phone because people will know if I “like” anything. I make sure I have control over my privacy settings.  I can’t say the same thing about other social media channels. A week ago, mainly because of this class, I gathered up the courage to join Google+. To my surprise, I found an existing account. I created one almost a year ago and didn’t even know it. There were photos that I had bookmarked when I was looking at invites and souvenirs while planning for a wedding and these were randomly posted on my page. As Twitter followers and Instagrammers would say, #facepalm.

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I am starting to revive my Google+ account and guess what, I have a whopping 4 followers!

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