My Experience With Meetup….As A Novice!


This week’s material opened up a new world of social networking tools for me. I’m quite familiar with a few social networking tools, but am a complete novice in others… MEETUP. While browsing different social networking tools, I especially got caught up with meetup.



I think meetup is a great online tool that helps connect people offline. It offers diverse benefits. I can say for myself that I am a typical stay at home mom with only a few acquaintances and friends. This is further enhanced by the fact that we don’t have any family here. I have always felt that I lack support in many aspects. While exploring meetup in detail, I realized that it is a perfect tool for people like me.


Five real cool things about this tool are:

1- The diversity offered by meetup. When I signed up for it, I realized that there are a bunch of options to choose from, regarding your areas of interest. Name anything and you got it here!



2- All the categories are sub-categorized thus making it even more customizable according to your interests.

Health and meetup




3- It is fun to find local people who share common interests as you.

4-Ability to start a new group, if you cannot find one that matches your interests.

5-Meeting up with your group members in person, instead of just online like in some other social networking tools.

As I said earlier, I am a novice. I am looking forward to experimenting with this tool and meeting new people who share my interests and are easily accessible to meet with, in or near my area of residence. I am interested in a particular group, mind and meditation. I am very excited that I found this great resource and I hope it will benefit me in my present day as well as future life.

Having said that, meet up can be a great resource in promoting health of a community by providing support opportunities to it’s members. And as we all know, this is what Public Health is all about….on a larger scale!



4 thoughts on “My Experience With Meetup….As A Novice!

  1. I admit that I was a bit hesitant to explore this tool because I wasn’t sure how much time I had for meeting up with work and school right now. Okay, maybe that’s just an excuse to be a hermit. Either way, I can’t wait to hear how your first meet up goes!

  2. I agree – I want to hear how the meet up goes! The interests are certainly diverse, though I honestly couldn’t find a group that really fit any of my interests. I thought the reading, I think it’s ch 8 of the Here Comes Everybody book, was really interesting how it talked about the top types of meet up groups formed in the US and how the purpose of the groups actually became a little different than what the founder of MeetUp had intended.

  3. Hi Fauzia,
    I am excited to hear about your first meet up and your blog actually got me interested in checking out the meetup in my area because central valley in California is not so much of a happening place and we hardly have any events here. It would be interesting to find people with similar interest especially in the field of public health.

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