How Facebook is Strategically Building Effective Campaigns


Fact: Our world is changing and it’s changing to one in which we can literally get things at the click of a button. With this said, regular outlets of marketing such as traditional mailers and door to door calls are a thing of the past. Social media, more specifically Facebook, is rapidly emerging as a method to reach end users that were once out of reach. By having a wider reach, businesses now have the capability to create longer lasting changes within a responsible budget and a timely fashion.

This now leads me to how Facebook does it. How does Facebook strategically build effective campaigns?

1.) It taps into the numerous niches out there making distinct social circles into a larger global circle. Effective campaigns can burgeon into larger ones by first tapping into a small influential group that will help your posts go “viral” and spread to many users. Businesses now can tap into various groups without having to break down large barriers with Facebook’s easy search option. You can literally search through billions of groups to find the ones most salient to your campaign.

2.) It enables to you to incorporate different types of media like sound, movie clips, 2-D and 3-D art. With the access to many more tools, campaigns are able to cater to the ever changing populations and can have multiple components that target different groups at the same time. This creates effective campaigns as it allows the spread of information across a wider net. Facebook’s easy uploading tools allow you to access different media on your computer to post virtually. The tools also check for your systems compatibility and helps enhance images.

3.) Social networks can help the way people respond to disease. Take for example a post by my fellow colleague of the picture attached. I caution you to view this AFTER you read all the techniques as it will incite some kind of response (whether good or bad is up to you). For me, it definitely made me nauseous and probably made me sick for about an hour after reading the post. This in turn made me curious as to what the disease was and HOW I could avoid it. That’s where Facebook comes in. Facebook can strategically build effective campaigns by inspiring individuals in response to controversial information or data. You can literally make or break things with a virtual “peer pressure” environment. Facebook’s “like” option can be a strong tool for this as the more “likes” you get the more dispersed your media or information will become. Facebook also gives you the option to “share a link” in which another user has posted which enables users to take your information and share their views on it with individuals in their circles. This inspires discussion and can extend your campaign reach.

4.) It empowers people by providing them with more information. Let’s face it. You are always going to have that one group, like me, that’s a bit slower technologically than others. With that said, platforms like Facebook help campaigns by appealing to layman and putting things in a way that’s easy to understand. By using your Facebook page in a user friendly way, you can strategically market your public health interventions by appealing to the masses. It also enables the spread of information that once was not very easily accessible. Information about health conditions that were only known to health care professions are now accessible by all.

5.) Accessibility to information can also be a hindrance so make sure you references your sources. Sites like Facebook are great for transmitting information but its also effective in transmitting bad information. To avoid this and to build a strong campaign, always site your sources and make your site credible. The more credible you are, the more people will listen. The more people listen, the MORE change you will get! Tools in Facebook like “adding” friends and “messaging” users can help disperse your message faster and easier than before.

So knowing the above information, what types of campaign can you create to capitalize on these strategies? By pinpointing your audience, you can start using Facebook to access more individuals for the betterment of health.

So now, I leave you with hollyirby’s picture within her blog “Health information people will read”. What did this picture do to you? If you got some kind of reaction, than Facebook would help relay this message with the utilization of the above tools.




2 thoughts on “How Facebook is Strategically Building Effective Campaigns

  1. Yes creating a facebook page is great for a non-profit trying to get access to users. Reading the articles for this week broke down the demographic and its amazing how many people use it and specifically who is using it. Great post!

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