Hello Public Health Proffesionals! Are You Out There?



We all know that there are amazing resources to help you connect with like minded individuals seeking opportunities for growth and development but which resources are the most helpful? This all depends on what you are looking for in a resource.  If its simply job postings there are tons to choose from like indeed.com, monster.com, and simplyhired.com to name a few.  However if you are looking for more than just job opportunities then look no further than LinkedIn.com.

LinkedIn does much more than providing job openings matching your career interests.  This business oriented social networking tool allows users to network, develop community, and increase visibility.  In addition it has amazing features that allows businesses to advertise their organizations to users world wide through purchasing virtual ad space to target groups.  Similarly users can add skills to their profile for endorsement to showcase talent to businesses looking to fill open head counts.

For Public Health professionals the best part of LinkedIn is by far the interest Groups which were created by members who want to discuss topics related to career, academia, and employment opportunities.

Linkedin PH4

This week I decided to see what types of Public Health “Groups” are in LinkedIn and how useful is it to public health professionals.  I simply went into my personal LinkedIn account and typed into the search section “Public Health” and over 1800 groups were found! I decided to join the “Global Public Health” group as that is an area of interest for me and looked to see what the current activity level was in terms of discussions and posts.

LinkedIn PH1

There is tons of activity for this Global Public Health group on LinkedIn with some posts from 2011 being discussed in 2014! This post was for volunteer opportunities in global health for any recent graduate.

Linkedin PH2

Some posts on the group page were discussions among professionals about current issues and challenges facing members in the public health field. This is great for everyone as it allows for users to discuss opportunities for improvement or ways to address the challenges from colleagues all over the world.

Linkedin PH3

Job opportunities are still one of the most posted topics on the group page as it allows members to see what is openings are available and directs them directly to the posting on LinkedIn.

In addition LinkedIn has a YouTube channel that allows users to watch interviews from leading experts in respective fields of interest.  Here is an example below related to public health:

All in all public health professionals are out there networking and partnering to address issues affecting the population and with this resource its making it just a little bit easier.  To see more join a group on LinkedIn to connect.




2 thoughts on “Hello Public Health Proffesionals! Are You Out There?

  1. Great post!! I have had my linkedin account for sometime now, and am not really engaged on it. After this week’s assignment, its nice to see all the connections that can be created on the site. I too joined the global public health, and the american public health association’s groups. They really are a wealth of knowledge.

  2. Good post, Sarah! I’m in the same boat as Kirstie… prior to this class I think I used about 1% of the functionality of LinkedIn. This post in addition to the course materials have got me motivated to explore more of the content, groups of practice, and networking opportunities that exist through the site.

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