What are blogs to me?


Well, a blog can be:

  • scary, especially when you don’t know where your published blog is going to go or by whom it’s going to be seen/read
  • cathartic, at least when I am wise enough to “save as draft” and not publish
  • funny, like the blog (well, really a story that should be a blog) my friend Ryan shared with me about his friend who stole a dog


  • thought-provoking, like the TED Talk blog that asked me if I am more or less introverted than other TED Talk followers


  • informative and motivational and community-building, like the story recounted in “Hear Comes Everyone” and the lost/stolen cell phone.

I might eventually like this blog stuff, once I figure out how to sign up right for the Class Blog.

3 thoughts on “What are blogs to me?

  1. Great! Thanks for working hard to get this post up and running. Great examples and I too love the TED blog.

  2. Renee; thanks for sharing these thoughts- seems the class has a few more kindred spirits. Had not seen this TED before; seems the introverts among us are often pictured as inferior to extroverts in modern society. Nice to have some validation. Someone once told me that having the “Save to draft” button next to “Publish” is like having the “Reply” button next to “Reply to all”; dangerous if you are tired or had that extra glass of wine.

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