Tindering for business!

Upon reading my first assignment for my Media and Innovation class I was immediately overwhelmed by creative ideas to post on the blog. I embarked on this journey one week ago and created a profile with my pictures and my name in order to do field research for this very important post. About two weeks ago I heard from a couple of my MPH classmates, who will remain unnamed ;), about this app called Tinder. A dating app that you download to your phone in order to find your company for the night  soulmate!

Tinder is a relatively easy to use app, you can follow this steps if you ever want to venture into the online dating world:

1. Download the Tinder app



2. Create your profile, which consists of 5 pictures, your name, your age, miles from the person who found you and a tagline or description.


I want Love

Of course Edward Snowden wants to find love too! 

3. Swipe right if you want to know the person or swipe left if you are not interested


The Swiping frenzy commence










4. If that person is interested too you will have a Match!!! and voilà a chat window will appear and you have will have the chance to write with the love of your life!


It’s a Match!

I know! it sounds pretty amazing and not at all superficial (being sarcastic here). But what if the app can be used not only to find your one true love but as a business venture and networking through social media app. Ha! My lightbulb lit up!

Upon “using” and by using I mean, doing field research, I came accross numerous profiles that not only promised to be the best company I would ever had, my one and true prince charming, protect my emotions and physical well being through BDSM, take me out to a drink date, introduce me to your only cat or six of them, take me to an anime convention or marry me and give me 7 kids … I also found some smart cookies that used the app to promote their photography business, modeling, castings, some “pay for company” networking, I am a singer please listen to my new album, personal fitness trainers, tanning salons, hairstylists and more.

What a brilliant idea! Tinder gets millions of hits per day, why not promote your business… I am in! and so is Uber and Zander (I would totally buy your album, beautiful Jesuschrist superstar), just to name an few examples.

uber-tinder                    zander

So I invite you to think outside of the box and venture into the world of social media and business, who knew you could find your love soulmate and your business partner in one app! Or maybe there should be a dating space on LinkedIn? Probably not, let’s keep professional where professional should be. But for now social media and networking is not a bad idea.


Tindering for Business


8 thoughts on “Tindering for business!

  1. Great post Melissa. I like your statement “we can think outside of the box and venture into the world of social media and business”. I think it is easy to say that but in this world wherein there’s a lot of fake people, it is so hard to trust people. As Confucius said (not Confucius probably Hipolitius), don’t find love because love will find you. Additionally, it is hard to mix business with love. Gosh….I’m becoming like a priest. Seriously speaking, it is a great risk to venture with this type of situation. Amen. Oh, sorry…thank you.

    • Thank you Ron! haha not mixing both but at least use a similar platform or idea for business or public health sounds innovative… love and work No no no let it goooo hahaha

  2. I am dying to think of ways to use dating tools like Tinder for public health. I know, I know, a picture of a juicy condom might not get as many “like” swipes as Zander, but there has to be a way to bring health messages to this very eager and growing community. What do you think? Maybe people could swipe right to receive a free condom in the mail? Or swipe right to get a home STI testing kit sent to your door? Let’s brainstorm….

    • I absolutely brainstormed my neurons away with the topic, I honestly think that the “Swipe Method” could be a great incentive for people to fill out surveys without being bored by question after question, the swipe and the pictures is a great platform and I am on my way to think of something public health related I can do with it. Possibly pitch it to shark tank (just kidding). With this information gathered from the app we could create a bid data database and subsequently develop an idea! wheels are turning! Thank you professor Caricia for commenting!

  3. Your post was engaging and hilarious. I have never heard of Tinder considering I have been with my significant other for about a decade now but being exposed to it through your post, I understand how it can affect a lot of communities. Having outlets and being able to find your niche is inherent to societies and species so I think this would be a very valuable tool in public health and marketing interventions to affect public health.

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