Stress of social media

I read an article on how behavior can be spread through a social network. We hear  bad behavior or socially deviant behavior spreads via social networking.  Unhealthy behaviors are socially contagious so are good behaviors. Health can be made contagious.

More I looked at many many blogs, I discovered social networking can be stressful.

When I read these stats, I am a victim of all stress inducing events listed in this image.  .

In reading many articles, I discovered how to avoid stress from social media.

  1. Social media is to share, not to compare

  1. Say NO to cyber bullying

  1. Keep your personal life offline

  1. Keep your photos clean

  1. Choose your friends wisely

  1. Take time to unplug and recharge




8 thoughts on “Stress of social media

  1. I appreciate your first point but find it almost impossible to implement. That is, to NOT compare when using social media. blogs about something called “Fear Of Missing Out Addition” or FOMO addition, The blog notes that “We are so connected with one another through our Twitter streams and Foursquare check-ins, through our Facebook and LinkedIn updates, that we can’t just be alone anymore. The fear of missing out (FOMO) — on something more fun, on a social date that might just happen on the spur of the moment — is so intense, even when we’ve decided to disconnect, we still connect just once more, just to make sure.” Your post reminded me of this and how FOMO addition can lead to a whole lotta stress and anxiety!

    • Thats really funny you mentioned FOMO. I just heard that term from my niece the other day, and thought it was not only clever but so true. We see what everyone else does, and we dont want to miss out on fun opportunities.

  2. I love your post! I have always noticed how much more technology has been “keying” up people and find that more people are on edge because they don’t know how to disconnect from their work worlds at home. My Fiancee is very guilty of this and he often tells me that he works minimum wage as he continues to work at home from his laptop. I think this brings an important public health issue as we have to question what are the boundaries of technology in respect to work/life balance. In France I believe there are new laws or policies that prohibit the checking of email or any telecommuting past a certain hour. I’m sure with policies like this, quality of life may be a bit better as it brings balance between work and home.

    • Now that you point out work/life balance, stress of social media can be a public health issue. There are many stats on how some people are addicted to social networking. One of my friends’ son is so addicted that his other social skills are blunted

  3. I am glad you brought this up and posted about social media’s relationship with stress. It is really interesting to me to see that “hearing what the government and politicians are doing” and “watching, reading, or listening to the news” were in the top 5 behaviors. I like your suggestions above on how to mitigate these stressors, I am really curious to learn about more positive (prosocial and healthy) ways to engage in social media, especially as we see a rise in addictive behaviors and conditions like FOMO (there really is a DSM diagnosis for everything now!)

  4. Wow. Thanks for sharing the information about the experiment, Teresa. I have never heard of that! As if Big Brother wasn’t scary enough already!

    Narayana, your “share, not compare” point reminds me of a video I saw that really demonstrates this that you may want to check out– Great points! I think we’re all guilty of breaking many of these rules sometimes. Seeing them listed will hopefully make these rules easier to remember!

  5. Teresa, an excellent link. Holly, love the video. It is an eye opener for some of the Facebook addicts. Reminded of my friend from Florida who visited me when I was in Bay area. I took him to Apple/google/Facebook headquarters. Instead of enjoying the moments, he was on Facebook throughout. He barely looked at anything except looking at his iPhone, Facebook and then he was googling his friends. He barely remembers seeing those places. He was too busy on his phone. Sad!!!!

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