What is a factor of efficient leadership?

This is my first real blog post, ever!  I know.  Surprising as we now live in the 21st century.  Tweets aside, I never fell into the hype of blogger or wordpress or anything of the sort, although I do love technology and use virtually any form.  So, here I am stepping out of my comfort zone in regards to writing on a public forum.  However, I do want to touch upon what is a factor of efficient leadership.  Through my years of working with people, I’ve learned that to lead effectively, there are many things that must be unaccounted for.  Everyone usually knows the obvious: a leader must listen; a leader must do the task as well; a leader must be knowledgeable of the area in question; etc.  One thing that is often left out lies in the people being led.  It is their health that is important and accounts for their ability to follow.  Thus, a leader who cares and emphasizes other’s health will allow him to be a better leader and get the task at hand done.  Sorry if this seems like rambling.

Here, I wanted to post a link for a blog I found that encompasses health and fitness and staying in shape.  Please peruse this for your own information and enjoyment!


Picture source: http://schools.nyc.gov/SchoolPortals/20/K163/Academics/Athletics/default.htm


2 thoughts on “What is a factor of efficient leadership?

  1. I think you have a great start. The large words of “FITNESS” really capture you but I’d love to know more about what your opinion is on the website than having us go straight to peruse it. The reason why I mention that is social media is “social” and in order to get people engaged in public health, you have to engage them first to get them thinking about how things are salient to them. Great job!

  2. Great starting post for your very first blog! I like the graphic a lot. The link you sent is also a great blog site and I will be following them 🙂

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