Top three reasons I am looking forward to this


I have had the chance to go through a couple of the classes posts and I have been impressed and laughed. Now certainly, I was quite impressed by some the humor I found in the posts.

But there are three reasons  I am looking forward this this course.

1. I have zero ability:

When it comes to social media I have no experience and no god given ability either. Although I was not standing with Randall and Renee on every question 🙂 I have never logged into that website they call facebook, have no desire, and wouldn’t know what to do if I got there.  I am not stellar in either ‘social’ or ‘media’ and that hasn’t changed when I put them next to each other. But it is easy to ask for help… and pity… when it is utterly clear to everyone, you have no clue.

2. My classmates are full of knowledge and humor.

I was disturbed… but then laughed my a** off when I saw some of the pictures and blog entries this week. Morris brought in the laughs, and I also believe he weaved in an ethical discussion as well. Stating in his subtle way that maybe autonomy in our pictures is a little overrated after all. Allowing the autonomy to post any photo encroaches on the  greater good! His post of course was also a very strong academic and relevant question.

3. If at first you don’t succeed…

I have thought I should pay someone for this. I am not a blogger, I don’t read blogs, and I thought wordpress was for creating websites for businesses  not blogs. Shows how little I know. This is an intriguing and unique experience that I will not get the chance to do every day. I am looking forward to the chance to experience this, and then I will understand what I am looking for when I hire someone to do this for me next time! I’ve only got one way to go…hopefully.


3 thoughts on “Top three reasons I am looking forward to this

  1. You made made me laugh out loud!!!!!!! You are very authentic in your post. Kirstie said that your “inauthenticity is a turnoff.” Your blog is very authentic and funny. Even though you did not have any OMG photos, you drew me in and made me laugh!

  2. Love every word of this. I thought I was technology adept, but apparently that doesn’t apply to social media. i was on the other side of the room for the most part on-campus. But I don’t understand Twitter, have yet to visit Instagram, and sadly have never heard of half the sites we are supposed to look at this week. I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m a little nervous. But like you said, it’s “intriguing and unique” and will be quite an adventure.

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