My first blog Joseph M Kiswii

I have always wanted to share educative information on health  with the disadvantaged communities and populations in the developing countries. I have done so through other media methods like Kenyan news paper columns, and East African health newsletters. The information does not disseminated well because the population with have access to news papers and newsletters is small. With the invention of mobile technology with internet capability, a good number of people in the developing countries can access information online. The ideal of blogging sound great to disseminate health information to the majority of such economically marginalized populations. I am excited to have the opportunity to learn these communication skills and to be able to apply them for the betterment of my self and the community at large.

bed net

Malaria prevention program , part of my work in Kenya Africa.



3 thoughts on “My first blog Joseph M Kiswii

  1. Joseph, I think that is wonderful that you want to get information out to the underserved. When I was in Liberia, we were amazed that cell phones were ubiquitous. Perhaps you could set up a blog that is all text and succinct in content. That might work well in terms of getting the word out.

  2. I like the idea of disseminating healthy ideas and social good. I am surprised that target population cannot access news papers but have an access to internet and smart phones.

  3. It’s amazing how many developing areas have jumped from second generation technology like landlines and newspapers, right to third generation tech like mobile phones and internet. It’s great that you are exploring what this is making possible for health communications in this part of the world.

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