Dot’s Steps to Blogging

I have a lot of things swirling in my head.  There are a lot of things I find important and many times discussions I have with friends turn into blogs.  I am not a prolific blogger, but sometimes I just need to be heard and express an idea or thought on something that means something to me.  What I’ve found is that I have 5 steps to writing a blog.


  1. Decide on a narrow thesis for your blog.  Like I mentioned, I have a lot of ideas in my head.  By deciding on a NARROW (and yes I meant to yell that) thesis, you stay focused and don’t ramble.
  2. Start writing and just ramble.  Now I know I just said to stay focused and don’t ramble, but on your first draft, ramble away.  Get all your ideas down on paper, don’t be concerned about how many words you’ve written, if you have run-on sentences, or if your spelling is correct or if there is logic to your flow.  All of those problems can be corrected before you hit “publish.”
  3. Walk away from your blog.  Taking time away from your blog will help give you a little clarity.  It will let you think about what you already wrote, and maybe what else you might want to add.
  4. Edit your blog.  NOW is the time to go through your ramblings and refine the text, make sure the spirit of your message is being conveyed.  Now you want to edit out all the stuff that you’ve written that doesn’t align with your narrow thesis.  Keep your words to under 500 because a lot of people will get lost in your minutia.  Try not to be repetitive.  I have bad habit of saying the same thing 5 different ways.  That’s fine for the first rambling draft, but during editing, pick the way that conveys your message and feeling in the most effective way.
  5. Share your blog with a fried or 5.  An extra set of eyes will help.
  6. Lastly, edit one more time, look it over one more time and finally, HIT SEND!  I could spend lots of time thinking about how to improve things and never get my message out.  Sometimes you just have to call it and hit SEND! 


Good Luck!


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