Adventures in blogging

I am a blog newbie. In fact for the longest time I have really felt like blogs were just more noise and distraction on the internet and something I didn’t have time to read or care about. I am excited to dive more into this media during our course and learn more about the positives of this outlet.

When the word “blog” came into my world, all I could think about was “What are blogs? A diary? A place to be an expert? Who are all these people? And what the heck are they writing about? Who cares what this guy has to say?” Honestly  in the past I hardly saw the purpose or how this forum could contribute to my world at all.



However one of the most influential blogs I have came across was Alicia’s Story featured on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website Ten years ago I started following Alicia’s posts, little did I know it was a blog! I called them articles. We were the same age and her posts were heartbreaking and inspiring. She was diagnosed with cancer and was blogging about it. I was captivated and followed her until she passed away. Even though I never met her I felt as though she was a close friend that I cared about and prayed for. I wrote her as she came close to her death just letting her know how inspiring her story was to me.


Other blogs I have come across and enjoyed are mostly foodie blogs. My favorite is Zoe Francois’ my obsession with her sweets and treats started 5 years ago when I had one of her devil’s food cupcakes at a party. It was love at first bite. I like her posts because she is a master chef and makes her exquisite recipes easy to follow. She posts step by step instructions with pictures so you can follow along. I made her sugar plum pie (and her pie crust from scratch!) It was beautiful and a huge hit on Christmas.

Sugar Plum Pie

Another blog I followed was my friend’s travel blog. She was spending time in Guatemala in a spanish immersion program and blogging about her time there. She posted pictures of her experience, quotes from people she met, and memories. It was a wonderful to stay connected and share this experience with her.


So how do I feel about blogs now? I am learning to appreciate them and am excited to explore more.


One thought on “Adventures in blogging

  1. Thanks for your honesty about how you used to feel about blogs. I think that a lot of share this sentiment. As a public health professional, I often feel like I am too busy to take in even one more piece of information. That is, until the information is really useful and compelling to me. Then I could read it all day! It’d be good to pick apart what makes blogs particularly compelling. What do these blogs have in common for you? This can help you to build a kind of recipe for your own blogging.

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