Social Media’s Impact on Health Awareness


In our day and age, social media plays a huge role in our every day lives. We use it to socialize, keep up to date with current events and share information with one another. Mostly everyone has a smart phone now a days, therefore access to these social media sites is easier than ever before. Here are the top five social media sites and they way they can be used to raise health awareness.


1. Facebook

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Going down your news feed on Facebook there are photos and links to healthy living articles, diet communities, and fitness updates from your friends. Along with friends sharing information, there pages particular about a health or fitness subject that is liked by many so they can have their daily dose of healthy living advice. Even if a person does not like any pages or have friends who share this type of info, Facebook exposes its users to healthy living ads displayed on the sides of its site.


2. Tumblr

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Tumblr is a site where everyone creates their own blogs and share pictures and videos of things that are important to them. It is considered more personal and the people one follows doesn’t necessarily have to be their friends, it can be anyone who shares the same interests and finds their posts interesting or useful. People on Tumblr may post about personal issues of maybe an eating disorder, weight loss problem, or even clinical illness and others provide them with tips, encouragement and their own personal experience dealing with that problem.


3. Pinterest

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Let the pinning begin! Pinterest is where everyone pins diys, health recipes, and fitness routines and “pin” them onto labeled “boards” on their profile so they can find them later and try them. Many of these pins are linked to blogs and articles which contain more information about the healthy food recipe and workout routine that has worked for many before and is guaranteed to work for you too.


4. Instagram

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Pictures, pictures, pictures! No body has time to read on this site! Instagram is known for its infamous food pictures. I mean doesn’t everyone take a picture of their meal before eating it? Instagram is where people can like pictures of healthy foods, that their friends and family and even celebrities have made or eaten and can think about making them next time they are on a health kick. Not only that, Instagram is the place where many go to like pictures of fitness junkies for motivation on their new workout journey. Instagram users can than post short videos and photo updates of how their new lifestyle is going so more family and friends get motivated by seeing their results. Then hash tags are added so all these pictures are linked together and are easier to find.


5. Youtube

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Now youtube is the place, people visit after looking at pictures of foods and fitness on Instagram. Youtube is the how to heaven for many and makes easy tasks easier. People can go on youtube to watch a video on how a new diet has influenced a person’s life or how to make a certain fruit smoothie that cleanses your body of toxins or even yoga poses that help relieve stress and give you a better night’s sleep. One can subscribe to youtube channels where people keep a video diary of their progress on a new diet on workout routing, or how successful they’ve been on keeping their new years resolution of keeping fit. Youtube is a very informative site used by all, unless it’s being used to watch cat videos all day.


So even though social media sites can be very addicting, they can also be very helpful and informative. Social media helps people connect and share to better each other’s lives and keep build a stronger community.


4 thoughts on “Social Media’s Impact on Health Awareness

  1. Great post. I don’t normally think about sites like Instagram having any effect on health awareness – but as you point out, really any social media tool can be used to increase health awareness, if used appropriately. I think it is important that public health officials take advantage of these mediums more to spread the word about health topics quickly and effectively.

  2. I did yoga on YouTube just this week! This is a great list. The only tool that I don’t use regularly is Tumblr. Any suggestions for particular Tumblr health sites?

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