Let it go….…..Let it go…..…5 reasons why YOU TUBE does not bother us anyway


Let it go, from the Disney movie Frozen sung by Idina Menzel, is one of the most viewed videos worldwide. It is being watched 5 to 10 times per family household. Also, it is being played multiple times per day in a Pediatric clinic’s waiting area. It was interpreted in different languages, performed by lots of singers, and parodied by “wanna be singers” for fun. Thank you to You Tube for showing this amazing and beautiful video or I should say “viralizing” this video. Of course, people have lots of choices nowadays to showcase their videos including Vimeo, Facebook, and others but You Tube is still the favorite of many people.

What are the top five reasons why YouTube is still the best media to showcase your video or video blog? (5 things I learned from video-blogging using You Tube)

First, it is free for everybody.

You don’t need to pay in order to upgrade the quality of your video. If you upload a video to You Tube, you have some options to improve the quality of your video. Who wants to pay for a social media anyway?

Second, YouTube is not very choosy on the length of your video unlike Facebook or Vimeo.

You can upload in You Tube a 10 seconds clip, a one-hour video, and even three-hour movies, concerts, and performances (of course, you also need to deal with copyrights agreements as other companies does). You Tube is also a friendly user media for bloggers.

Third, it is so informative and caters on all aspect of our lives whether it’s music, education, health, culinary, current events, blogs, and many more.

Some examples are mentioned. For music lovers, tutorials on strings and pianos, You Tube has excellent videos especially for starter or novice. For me, I took statistics three years ago in a local city college (in-campus) before embarking to UC Berkeley OOMPH. I found the video tutorials on statistics really helpful. At least it helped me a little dealing with Dr. Maureen Lahiff. For this class, you can also watch the videos on “How to make a blog”. For health and science enthusiast, you can watch a series of lectures about DNA, genetics, microbiology and others. You Tube has videos/blogs for everybody.

Fourth, people are free to express themselves.

Minus the rudeness, obnoxiousness, and vulgarity of some You Tube users, it is still a good platform/media to practice freedom of speech.

And lastly, if you want your video to be “viralized” and became vital at least for a moment, You Tube is one of the best routes to do it.

With these reasons, you don’t let You Tube go away. YOU TUBE does not bother us anyway.


14 thoughts on “Let it go….…..Let it go…..…5 reasons why YOU TUBE does not bother us anyway

  1. I have to confess, our household alone might be responsible for 1million views of this video. My 3-year-old daughter wants to hear “Let it Go” or “Libre Soy” (en español) on a loop all day and all night. And (to use another Frozen metaphor) for the first time in forever, I am not annoyed by a Disney movie. This video is often heralded as the first real post-Pixar take-over Disney princess movie. And, Disney’s huge engagement in social media space is very new too. I like the idea that, even for one of the world’s biggest distributors and producers, engagement in social media by sharing free artistic material is a must. By offering these snippets of the movie, Disney has only stoked the coals of commerce for its merchandise. Sometimes you have to give things away for free to make a killing in this market.

    For more on Frozen merchandise craziness – http://nypost.com/2014/04/14/parents-fight-and-connive-for-sold-out-frozen-merch/

    • Thank you Prof. Catalani for sharing the article. I have a 7 year old daughter so I can relate with you and the parents. I found that article so amazing that parents can do everything to make their kids happy but I think as a parent, we need to put some limit on their Frozen merchandise craziness unless you have lots of money to spare. I commend Disney for venturing on new things which really works especially their innovative machineries.

  2. Hi Ron,

    Great post and yes that video is a viral one. I remember being at a gate in airport and three little girls kept replaying that video over and over again and dancing at the terminal. It was super cute but I could tell that the mother was so over it, and yes they kept singing it on the flight as well. Youtube is a great social media tool and I also like that it can allow users to load longer segments than the other ones you mentioned in your post but what I don’t like is that it does put adds and commercials prior to viewing what you selected. I understand that they have to make a profit somehow but I really dislike how all of social media now allow ads for the continuous bombardment outside of TV and now to social media.

    • Hi Sara,
      Thank you very much. I totally agree with you that those popping in and out of advertisements in any social media is so irritating but we can not do anything about it. Although I often use You Tube, Vimeo has less popping in and out of advertisements. There are just some trade off between the two social medias.

  3. Ron, I couldn’t agree more. I have a few “favorite” YouTube videos that I watch whenever I need to smile!

  4. Hey Ron! I can’t get enough of YouTube.. Whether it is to pass the time watching funny videos or searching the latest how-to’s or videos to incorporate into work presentations, it’s really amazing what you can find and a great platform, as you mentioned, for content to go viral!

  5. Ron, I agree that “youtube” is a favorite in many household including mine because it is free and we can easily watch youtube videos on our big screen tvs by connecting it through chrome or samsung wifi devices. My family used to follow some Urdu dramas on dishnetwork but dish decided to take that channel away from us. Luckily, we can watch all those dramas/soap operas for FREE!!! on youtube and it is pretty convenient to watch it whenever we have time, rather than waiting for the weekly broadcast on tv channels.

    • Hi Hafsa. Yes, I can relate well with you especially watching soap operas/teledramas (example in the US are one life to live and general hospital) in You Tube since my wife always watch Filipino teledramas. My sisters even watch the Korean soap operas (with subtitles) in You Tube. It is a cheap form of entertainment without spending money. Thank you Hafsa.

  6. Thanks, Ron….I had just managed to get it out of my head for the first time in weeks and now it is playing again!! 😉

  7. Great post! I use You Tube religiously because of the way I can find and organize videos (especially educational ones for my students!) to save and upload my own. I also use it to find new music, though, and have had a lot of success with the latter feature as well. 🙂 I’m glad YouTube is here to stay!

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