To Upload or Not to Upload That is The Question…?


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Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms.  It allows you to share photos with your friends, family, or the general public.  It has become a movement but at what costs to photographers or even the general public?  Let me start by saying I started out naive about copyright.  To me that mainly applied to literature and art and I made the silly assumption that anything on the internet is up for grabs…. so wrong!

I came to this realization when I started a public instagram page of that showcased images that I thought would be a great resource for friends of mine that were in the middle of planning a wedding. It seemed innocent enough to just grab the photos I found on google and just upload them to the page.  A few weeks later I was browsing other pages and found a photo from my wedding uploaded to another page and a red flag went up! I didn’t know that person, they didn’t ask me permission or the photographers and to top it off they did not even credit their blog which is the source they got it from.

How I felt….

But then I realized I was doing the same thing too!

How I felt….

Soooo I realized that I needed to delete all of those photos and go back and either make my own or ask permission from the photographers and give credit where credit was due.  I also went ahead and informed the person who shared my photo that they needed to ask for permission or at least credit the photographer…which they eventually did 🙂

As for my public page I decided to organize a stylized professional photo shoot to recreate some of the images I shared as well as go back and credit the photos that I had shared.  I also personally contacted the photographers to let them know that the photos were shared and they were really appreciative that I reached out for permission and allowed me to access more for my website and Instagram page.

This week I was happy to learn that there are other sources that we can all utilize to share photos for blogs, Instagram, and commercial use for free and without breaking copyright!

How I felt….

I went through and found some amazing images to use for my personal instagram and blog. My personal favorites are:


There are so many more resources out there but it is not widely known to the general public.  Hopefully after reading my experience you will now be able to answer my question and not fall into the copyright trap.







9 thoughts on “To Upload or Not to Upload That is The Question…?

  1. Yes Sara, this is the 4th thing I learned this week. Didn’t realize until now I had been doing the same thing for some of our previous projects and presentations. BTW, brilliant use of images.

  2. Cute and very appropriate images. Make it look very attractive and interesting:) This is so true Sara, we forget to ask permission so easily:(

  3. Fantastically funny images lend themselves to a great topic! In the ongoing effort to respect the rights of photographers and their images, I am always trying to be aware of how I need to attribute things. For the most part I think I’m successful, but could definitely be better. Thanks for listing the resources you’ve found to be helpful in this!

  4. Hi everyone! Thanks for reading and I am glad you found this helpful. I really was glad that our reading this week included the lists of free resources for images. I already created a file and started to download a few images already for my other blog and it made things so much easier for my posts and visual attractions for the site.

  5. Most entertaining post of the week goes to Sara! Super important topic too… It can definitely be frustrating trying to find “the right” image that is still licensed for sharing. But having more websites to pull from certainly helps. Thanks for sharing the one’s you have used.

  6. Amazing presentation! I have been to several copyright how-tos since I use A LOT of outside sources, and it seems like a really large gray area. Thanks for sharing the safe alternatives!

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