Gender Inequality – Unfinished job

Gender poverty

I was reading recent stats on gender inequality. According to Organization for Economic Co Operation/Development and United nations reports in 2013 Women performed 60% of world’s work, produced 50% of world food but made only 10% of world income and owned only 1% of world property. This is a huge gap. This is beyond just blame-game. It is not just pointing at school system that did not empower women or a rape victim did not dress properly ( a common practice in South Asian countries excuse for increased incidence of rape in recent years). Gang-rape in New Delhi is one of the public health issues. The problem with gender crisis is related to social and economical gradient that fuel human rights violations of women such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, lack of opportunity, income gap and freedom to choice and individual autonomy.

It is about time to start a global or international commission to address Gender inequality instead of fragmented domestic policies that have failed to reach women who are at the extreme end of victimization.

gender crisis


4 thoughts on “Gender Inequality – Unfinished job

  1. Thank you too, I am hoping this issue will generate a debate and bring all aspects of this issue on the table. Gender inequality continues to be a major issue in most developing countries. There are some efforts to address the issue. Unfortunately these efforts do not meet expected threshold to bring significant/sustainable improvement.

  2. I think the most important part of this issue is, “Innate lack of respect”. The only way to address this is, a deliberate intent among all stakeholders especially political leaders (who I think have a power to influence people) Having said that, it has to be more than just a policy or speech or fragmented inefficient policy changes.

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