Best How-To Tutorials for Digital Innovations & Online Tools:

Although you can spend a lifetime clicking through free tutorials on YouTube, I recommend skipping the hours of bad voiceovers and out-of-date how-tos and go straight to has over 2000 courses.  Each is extraordinarily well-produced by some of the world’s best instructors.  One of my favorite aspects of these courses is how all video lectures are broken into several sub-sections, so that you can skip forward if you are an advanced learner or repeat complex lessons if you are new to the topic.  The transcript tool is also incredible.  The entire lesson is written out, so that you can follow along by reading, and you can search for specific words in a lesson to go right to the second you want to hear.  There’s a free trial 7-day membership, but it’s well worth the $25/month.

I just completed this course on and, despite having used WordPress to author three blogs in the past, I finally felt like I understood what I was doing and how to use advanced features.  The instructor was incredibly clear and well-spoken.  Somehow he cut right to exactly what I needed to know.  I had particular questions about how to use “categories” to create “pages” .  To find every mention of categories in the course, all I had to do was write “categories” in the search tool and one click got me right to that part of the lesson. course on

In addition to the course, I recommend the digital video production courses, Twitter courses, Facebook courses, and social media marketing courses.


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